**NEW** IPAF Training Pod Launched in Blackburn

At Smiths Hire we are constantly pushing the boundaries of our business, our owners and Chairmen, David & Thomas Smith are pushing the business into the future by means of introducing new...

04. October 2023

What is HAVS and how can you prevent it?

As you’d expect, we’re hugely passionate about tool hire here at Smiths Hire – and we’re also passionate about the safety of our staff and customers. That’s why we make a point to mitigate...

17. August 2023

5 top tips for staying safe on ladders

Ladders are amongst the single most widely-used pieces of access equipment across the world, and you may well already have a wooden ladder tucked away somewhere at home for those quick jobs. If...

man on ladder
15. August 2023

The best 3 DIY tips you probably didn’t know

Here at Smiths Hire, we love a good challenge, especially when it comes to DIY. There’s just something incredibly satisfying about seeing a project from start to finish. Whether that’s some home...

diy-job 3
15. August 2023

3 easy ways to keep your cement mixer clean

Cement mixers are important tools for any construction site. However, to keep them functioning at maximum capacity, they require a regular cleaning routine that keeps them spick and span. Proper...

concrete mixer image 1
14. July 2023

New look for the Smiths Hire team!

As a business Smiths Hire is constantly evolving, we have gone through a number of advancements in the past few years with the introduction of new depots, new technologies and embracing new...

28. June 2023

Smiths Hire FC enter Business Fives Tournament

On the longest day of the year (and arguably one of the sunniest too!) our brave players – Smiths Hire FC - took part in the tournament organised by the Business Fives team. 12 local companies...

23. June 2023

Our top 7 tips for trimming your hedge

Trimming your hedge is an essential task that helps maintain its health, appearance, and overall structure. Regularly pruning promotes healthy growth, enhances the aesthetics of your outdoor space,...

23. June 2023

The top uses for a scissor lift at a festival

Festivals are vibrant and dynamic events that attract large crowds, so it’s no secret that they require such meticulous planning and execution. Scissor lifts are among the many tools and pieces of...

16. June 2023

Exceptional services from Smiths Hire

Did you know that we offer a range of comprehensive services to complement our quality tool hire and powered access equipment hire options? We're absolutely dedicated to providing you with a total...

14. June 2023

Our essential guide to using a chainsaw safely

Chainsaws are incredibly powerful and useful tools, but they can also be very dangerous if not used properly. If you're planning to rent a chainsaw through our reliable tool hire service here at...

11. May 2023

Corporate Golf Day at The Mere Golf Resort

Unfortunately it rained all day... Great weather for ducks, but that didn't stop the Golf, and all players carried on determined. Meanwhile inside, the prestigious Mere Resort boasted a luxurious...

18. April 2023

The top 4 ways to care for your lawn this Spring

Spring is the season of growth and new beginnings, and this is especially true for your lawn. After a long, cold winter, your garden grass is ready to thrive and flourish. To help it reach its full...

13. April 2023

Our top 3 tips for effectively cleaning your car

As a car owner, keeping your vehicle clean is not only important from and aesthetic point of view, but it’s also an important step to take in maintaining its value and longevity. However, there’s...

pressure washer to clean a car
20. March 2023

Top 4 gardening jobs to get done in March

Here at Smiths Hire, we know that March marks the beginning of the gardening season for many people. The weather starts to warm up, and the days get longer, making it the perfect time to start...

lawn care tools image
14. March 2023

Smiths Hire Celebrating Women in Construction

To mark the start of Women in Construction week (5th -11th March) we are celebrating the wonderful women who help keep Smiths Hire operational on a daily basis. Now, although they aren’t strictly...

06. March 2023

How to effectively strip and re-paint your walls

For over 50 years here at Smiths Hire, we’ve been providing our customers with reliable tool hire and powered access equipment hire services. However, did you know that we can also supply you with...

24. February 2023

A quick guide to our ground compaction products

We offer a wide selection of reliable ground compaction equipment here at Smiths Hire, which means we’ve got a ground compactor to suit every project, big or small. From trench rammers to drum...

21. February 2023

The dos and don’ts of painting and decorating

As well as our extensive range of tool hire and powered access equipment hire services here at Smiths Hire, did you also know that we also stock a variety of decorating equipment options as well?...

15. February 2023

Smiths Training goes to Belgium

This month (January 2023) saw our very own Katie Patchett, Smiths Training Manager take a trip to Waregem in Belgium to visit TVH - a parts and accessories specialist since 1969. The trip took...

31. January 2023

The 3 top benefits of choosing a cherry picker

Winter is most definitely here - there’s a chill in the air, the leaves have fallen from the trees, and Christmas is right around the corner. So, you’ll need equipment on site that you know is...

21. December 2022

3 important DIY jobs to get done before Christmas

The festive season is here! However, there are still a few odd jobs you can do around the house in preparation for the big day! What’s more, if you need a reliable tool hire service to help you get...

16. December 2022
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