How to make use of fallen trees and branches

Here are our top 3 budget-friendly ways to repurpose your fallen branches and trees. From firewood to garden furniture, here’s how you can get the most out of your garden!

Whether you have removed branches during winter preparation, or a tree fell due to a storm, it doesn’t mean they can no longer be used! There are plenty of practical uses for excess trees and branches that you may not have considered, so before you get them professionally removed, which can cost hundreds of pounds, here are a few cost-effective alternatives to consider.

A gardener’s toolkit for chopping up trees

A few bits of kit will come in handy when it comes to getting the most out of your fallen or sawn-off branches. For example, when dealing with large pieces of wood, whether it’s branches, a stump or a whole trunk, it will always make life easier if you have the tools to make it more manageable, like a chainsaw.

Luckily, here at Smiths Hire, we have a great variety of chainsaws for hire among our tool hire options. From our Heavy Duty Petrol Chainsaws to the more eco-friendly Heavy Duty Electric Chainsaws and even Petrol Telescopic Chainsaws, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect tool for the task right here. What’s more, all of these chainsaws come with the appropriate safety kit included in the hire price, so you can rest assured that you are properly protected while undertaking your project.

For getting stuck into tackling the smaller branches and logs, you may only need the help of a good old-fashioned felling axe, which you can also get right here at Smiths Hire! If you choose to use an axe, remember to wear the appropriate PPE safety gear, such as protective goggles, leather gloves, and steel toe caps, before getting started.

When to cut your losses

Before we dive into all the creative ways you can make the most out of your fallen trees and branches, there are a few minor things to consider. If the tree in question is relatively healthy, the wood will be great for repurposing. On the other hand, if the tree is damaged due to rot, disease, or infestation, it’s best just to remove it.

It’s easy to determine the condition of a tree by its colour and density. If it’s decayed, the inside of the tree will be discoloured and may have already started to deteriorate.

3 ways to make use of fallen tree

When a tree falls or needs to be cut down, it can be bittersweet, especially if it’s been in your garden for years. However, instead of letting it go to waste, there are many ways to put it to good use. So, in the spirit of repurposing, here are three creative ways to use fallen trees and sawn branches!

  • Turn them into firewood

The first and most obvious way to use excess wood is by turning it into firewood. Firewood can be expensive to buy in bulk, so it can be a cost-effective way to use your trunks and branches! However, it’s important to remember that you can’t simply just chop up wood and throw it on the fire. It needs to be properly seasoned.

’Seasoned wood’ simply refers to wood that’s had an appropriate amount of time to dry, removing as much moisture as possible, which makes it great for burning. The ideal firewood should contain no more than 20% moisture, and freshly chopped can contain up to 50%. So, it’s highly recommended to season newly cut wood before you use it. Seasoned wood also produces less smoke, so it’s worth it solely for that reason!

Properly seasoning wood takes around six months for softwoods like fir, cedar and alder and anywhere from 1-2 years for hardwoods like oak, ash and birch. First, chop the wood into manageable-sized pieces, then store them in a dry place with good air circulation and let them care for themselves. You want to keep the wood as dry as possible without limiting airflow, which can cause moulding. If you don’t know where to put them, you can easily get ahold of ideal storage boxes and sheds at DIY and gardening shops.

  • Make your own furniture

You can easily create beautiful furniture pieces if you have enough wood to work with. With our chainsaw hire service, you can easily chop up and transform a log into comfortable seating for the whole family. One long log can be cut into multiple stools, and a thicker trunk can even serve as a makeshift table. 

This would make for the perfect garden dining set, ideal for picnics, barbecues, or simply enjoying your outdoor space. Rustic furniture sets can be costly to buy, but they’ll cost next to nothing to make yourself, so why not save yourself a couple hundred pounds and try your hand at some DIY?

  • Create wildlife habitats

If you’re a nature lover, creating a habitat for wildlife in your garden helps support and promote local biodiversity and adds a rustic charm to your outdoor space! If you have the space, consider building log piles as shelters for hedgehogs, mice, and other small animals or drilling holes in a chunk of wood to provide a home for insects and minibeasts. With a little effort, you can create a welcoming environment for a range of species to thrive!

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