How to tackle damp and condensation

Make your home or workplace healthier this winter by preventing dampness and condensation. Say goodbye to mould and hello to a warm dry space with these handy tips!

At Smiths Hire, we’re passionate about DIY and want to ensure our customers are safe and secure while pursuing their projects. That’s why we go beyond providing tool hire services and offer insights and solutions for potential hazards. And, at this time of year, a few common problems seem to creep in with the cold weather – namely, dampness and condensation. 

It’s critical to ensure that your living and working spaces are safe, secure, and, most importantly – dry, so they stay free from mould or mildew, which can cause allergies and other problems. So to help you out, we’ve pulled together a handy guide on tackling dampness and condensation that you can use to keep your space warm and dry this winter. 

What problems can damp and condensation cause?

Moisture build-up, condensation, and resulting dampness are common problems in homes, construction sites, and office buildings. These issues can create a breeding ground for mould, cause structural damage, and lead to various health issues such as respiratory problems, infections, allergies, or asthma. However, there are steps you can take to prevent these problems from occurring and protect your health and property.

Tackling the damp and condensation

Cold weather can often lead to an increase in dampness and condensation inside buildings. This can occur due to a range of factors such as temperature variations, reduced airflow, increased indoor moisture activities, poor insulation, and uneven heating. If left unchecked, it can lead to mould growth, which can be hazardous. To tackle this issue effectively, you’ll first need to determine where it is coming from. Once you’ve identified the room or spot, it’s time to get cracking with the solution!

Improve the ventilation

If you want to enhance the ventilation in your indoor area, you can consider using extractor fans and vents or you can simply open the windows. Opening windows regularly can help to improve the circulation of fresh air, which is beneficial for your health and well-being.

Insulate and heat your space thoroughly

Effective insulation and a properly regulated heating system can help prevent cold spots in a space, which in turn helps minimise the amount of condensation on surfaces. This can be especially important in areas prone to high humidity levels or where moisture build-up can lead to damage or other problems – anywhere where many people work in one space, for example. Maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the space and ensuring adequate insulation can help create a more comfortable and healthy indoor environment.

Make sure your space is leak free

Regularly checking your property or workplace is a great way to spot potential issues before they happen – which is the best-case scenario! Look out for leaks in plumbing, roofs, or walls. If you encounter any problems, it’s essential to fix them quickly to prevent moisture from causing further damage. Make sure to seal leaks with waterproof sealant as soon as you notice them – it’s an easy way to avoid damp and cold from seeping in and causing condensation!



Break out the dehumidifier

Now, we all know that prevention is the best cure, but if you’re already at the point when the damp and condensation has set in – don’t worry! We’ve always got a couple of tricks up our sleeves here at Smiths Hire.

When it comes to tackling dampness and condensation, there’s nothing better than a dehumidifier, and we’ve got two great options for you to choose from. Our Small Dehumidifier – 110V Hire offers a compact, sturdy, and adaptable solution, perfect for drying out individual rooms and extensions. Crafted to meet the needs of plasterers, decorators, and anyone working in the finishing trade, its capacity guarantees durability and manoeuvrability even in demanding construction environments. From addressing burst pipes and leaking roofs to de-flooding tasks or precise carpet shampooing, its versatility shines through, making it the trusted choice for precision-driven, small-scale jobs. 

110V Small Dehumidifier

If you’ve to a bigger task on your hands, our Large Dehumidifier, also operating at 110V, ensures thorough moisture reduction across much larger areas. Encompassing Ebac dryers and industrial-grade capabilities, this powerhouse drastically cuts drying times, making it an asset in heavy-duty applications within construction and finishing trades. Ideal for safeguarding building materials against potential damage, it’s a go-to solution for new construction projects, renovations, and scenarios like flooding, ensuring efficient moisture control in diverse and demanding situations.


By implementing these proactive measures and a couple of handy tools, you can make your space warm, healthy and, most importantly, damp and condensation-free! Head over to our website to check out our tool hire and powered access equipment ranges. We now have 16 depots scattered throughout the North West and Yorkshire, including major cities such as Manchester, Liverpool, and Leeds. So, if you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to give our friendly team of experts a call at 0333 323 2100. We’re always happy to help!