Drill Hire

Cordless Drill Hire

Cordless Drill Hire

Our Cordless Drill Hire allows you to fix screws into walls and materials such as wood and metal, without mains power supply or a generator.

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Core Drill Hire

Core Drill Hire

Our Core Drill Hire is used for the biggest of drilling jobs such as in plumbing and drainage, where larger holes need to be made for pipes.

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Hammer Drill Hire

Hammer Drill Hire

Hammer Drill Hire is ideal for the more heavy duty drilling applications. With their hammering action which gives higher blows per minute, it's more effective on harder materials like brick and masonry.

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Angle Drill Hire

Angle Drill Hire

Angle Drill Hire from Smiths Hire; these lesser-known tool kit essentials can be a game changer for anyone that needs to work in a tight or confined space due to its head set at a 90-degree angle to the grip. 

110V Angle Drill - Small (10mm)

110V Angle Drill -Large (13mm)


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