Trestles & Props

Steel Trestles & Boards

Steel Trestles & Boards

Adjustable Steel Trestles (or Bandstands), ideal to provide a safe working platform for bricklayers, plasterers and painters.


Steel Trestle & Board Kits

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Prop Pal Needle Systems

Prop Pal Needle Systems

These Prop Pal Needle Systems provide a safer method of temporary wall support.

Prop Pal System

Prop Pal Plus System

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Strongboys are a rugged adjustable supports for formwork during construction as well as floors, walls and ceilings, for a safer, more secure, operation.

Strongboy Acrow Extension

Strongboy XL

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Acrow Props & Accessories

Acrow Props & Accessories

Acrow Props & Accessories range available for hire.

Acrow Props 

Acrow Prop Clips & U Heads

Internal Partition Poles

Superslim Soldiers

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