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Survey Equipment Hire

We have a wide range of Survey Equipment available to Hire, designed to ensure your work is as safe as accurate as possible.

From Measurement Equipment such as Measuring Wheels or Wind Speed Detectors, which can significantly improve safety minimise risk when working at height. As well as Laser Level or Detector Hire, we’re here to help.

We even have a selection of GPS Plant Trackers so that you can keep a close eye on your machinery. Sewage Pipe Inspection Systems available for in those hard to reach locations.

Whatever you’re looking for, we’re here to help. Our team prides themselves on offering exceptional customer service to all of our clients. Providing clear straightforward immediate quotes next day delivery available.

Take a look at our full range of Survey Equipment products below to find out more.

Survey Equipment Hire

Bowser Hire (Fuel / Water)

Our Bowser Hire offers equipment suitable for fuel or water. These bowsers ensure liquids are stored safely and securely, ranging in size from 100 - 2000+ Litres. We have various Fuel Bowser equipment for rental. Offering anything from Diesel Fuel Cubes, ideal for small plant and machinery as well as groundcare equipment with a capacity of 900L. But we also offer Static and Road Towable Bowsers up to 2000L too. We also have Water Bowsers available too, whether you need a Dust Suppression solution or a Road Towable Site Bowser we have exactly what you need. Ranging from 1100L to 2200L in size. You can also try our Power Washer Bowser Hire equipment from Brendon which is ideal for the toughest of cleaning jobs. Get the job done with Smiths Hire!

Bowser Hire (Fuel / Water)

Concrete Breaker Hire

Our Concrete Breaker Hire features innovative technology such as anti-vibration reduction and dust removal. With a vast range of Heavy Duty Breakers for hire, they are the ideal power tool for the toughest of jobs.

Electric Breaker Hire - with great brands such as Hilti and Bosch you can be sure that we offer the power that you need. Models range from 5kg for light jobs up to 30kg for larger projects requiring more power.

Petrol Breaker Hire - our 2-stroke petrol breakers are ideal for renovations and demolitions as well as road work. Ideal for all construction work; but a great option for locations that don't have access to a power supply.

Battery Breaker Hire - featuring the DeWalt 20kg battery powered breaker features innovative cordless, battery powered technology, delivering 41 joules of impact energy suitable for the toughest of demolition jobs. 

Hydraulic Breaker Hire - with a compact design, ideal for breaking concrete, asphalt and frozen ground etc. We have products with very efficient vibration-reducing handles and low vibration levels.

Pneumatic Breaker Hire - a powerful, safe and environmentally friendly way to break up roads, pavements, paths or concrete slabs. Our equipment is available in 5kg or 25-28kg options to make light work of your demolition projects.

To hire a demolition hammer today, check out our Breaker Hire range and get the job done quickly and efficiently!

Concrete Breaker Hire

Pump Hire

We have a selection of Water and Fuel Pumps to Hire. These pumps enable you to transfer liquids across site quickly and efficiently. Whether you need to empty a swimming pool or transport fuel. Or even pump water out of a flooded area, our range of equipment can help you to get the job done.

Take a look at our versatile Electric Powered Submersible Pumps. Otherwise known as ‘puddle suckers’, ideal for clearing large (or small) amounts of water from a flat surface to as far down as 1mm.

Alternatively, perhaps you’d benefit from hiring one of our Fuel-powered Centrifugal / Booster Pumps. These pumps are capable of moving hundreds of litres of water per minute, making them useful for particularly large areas such as ponds.

From direct fluid transfers to puddle clearances, our Specialist Pumping Equipment caters for jobs of all types and sizes, including pumping out both clear water and water that contains solids such as mud, leaves, twigs, sand or sludge. Take a look at our full range of Water Pumps below.

Pump Hire

Trailer Hire

At Smiths Hire we have a range of Trailer Hire options available suitable for Plant or Car transportation. Whether you need to transport heavy plant machinery from site to site or transport a car - view our range today.

Plant / Access Trailers

We have options available from 2000kg, 2600kg or 3600kg Plant / Access Trailer weight capacities. These heavy duty trailers are made from galvanised steel. They can transport the most heavy plant and access equipment for you.

Drum / Car Trailers

Our products include Car Transporters with a carrying capacity of 2000kg.  Ideal for breakdowns or transporting cars to event. These Car Trailers have a 16ft x 7ft trailer deck and are legal to be towed behind any car. We also have Single Drum Roller Trailers for hire, designed to carry a single drum roller safely and securely. They have a weight capacity of 750kg and also have a toolbox mounted at the front of the chassis for ease of transporting other tools and accessories for your drum roller.

Smiths Hire have the hire equipment you need and also the Trailer Hire solutions to transport them - the complete package at your fingertips.


Trailer Hire


Try our ECO hire products today! 

Smiths Hire offer a National single source Eco- Friendly hire solution. Products include: powered access, plant, site lighting, mobile welfare units & site accommodation. As well as a range of small tools and solar hybrid power generators. All of which can be delivered anywhere in the UK!

Why Go Eco-Friendly on-site? 

Smiths Hire are committed to providing our customers with a green energy alternative. We want to ensure that our customers are at the forefront of the green energy revolution. In line with the pressure the construction industry is under to reduce their impact on the environment.

Corporate social responsibility is now very high on the buyers agenda when it comes to tendering for new projects. End-clients who commission the work do not want to be associated with projects that have a high carbon footprint. Often basing their buying decisions on working with companies who have a commitment to reduce the carbon footprint on site.

The Benefits of Being Green On Site

As well as a reduction in operational fuel costs there is also the lower construction noise levels in cities and built up areas. Using green energy also helps to cut air pollution and helps you to reduce your carbon footprint on site. Eco products also have reduced time spent completing maintenance tasks. In addition they have the advantage of less down time due to machine failures.

Contact Smiths Hire today and our expert team can advise how you can do your bit to be more ECO-friendly on your construction site!


Pressure Washer Hire

Hire Pressure Washers from Smiths Equipment Hire with minimal fuss and competitive prices.Petrol / Diesel  Pressure Washer Hire -We have Heavy Duty Pressure Washers for hire as well as Mini Bowsers and Diesel Bowser Power Washers. Ideal for sites that do not have access to power. Offering you portability as well as a powerful cleaning solution.Electric Pressure Washer Hire -Super eco-friendly but also efficient and affordable. We have Heavy Duty and Industrial Power Washer options available for hire. As well as Cold or Hot Water variants.With high performance equipment from industry leading brands available, our expert team are here to help and advise you on the ideal equipment every step of the way.

Pressure Washer Hire

Drill Hire

The Smiths' Drill Hire range offers a selection of drills in different sizes depending on the job you're doing.

Cordless Drill Hire - allows you to fix screws into walls and materials such as wood and metal, without mains power supply or a generator. Our SDS Drills can even drill masonry etc. Cordless drills allow you to move around freely. They have no restrictions of use by being plugged into a mains supply.

Core Drill Hire - Core Drills are used for the biggest of drilling jobs. Such as in plumbing and drainage, where larger holes need to be made for pipes. With a hollow bit, which allows for perfectly round holes in the material that you're drilling into.

Hammer Drill Hire - Hammer Drills are ideal for the more heavy duty drilling applications. With their hammering action which gives a high number of blows per minute. A Hammer Drill is more effective on harder materials like brick and masonry.

110V Angle Drill Hire - choose from small (10mm) or large (13mm) angle drills, these lesser-known products feature a head set at 90-degrees from the grip. Ideal for working in tight or confined spaces. 

From our Cordless and battery powered Hand Drills for small DIY jobs, Hammer Drills for bigger scale jobs, and Core Drills for getting through concrete and brickwork. Hire yours today and get the job done!

Drill Hire

Decorating Equipment Hire

The range of Decorating Equipment Hire products make decorating much easier.

Paint Sprayer Hire - our Airless Paint Sprayer is a fast and effective way to emulsion your walls. Compact and easy to transport as well as a great looking result on your ceilings and walls. We also offer a Tyrol Gun which is a heavy duty piece of equipment. It is ideal for applying textured coatings to your interior and exterior walls.

Paddle Mixer Hire - if you need to mix liquids and powders quickly, why not try our range of Stirring Equipment Hire. Click below to view Electric Handheld Paddle Mixer Hire or the 32L Forced Action Mixer Hire. You can get the job done quickly and effortlessly as it's deal for mixing a variety of products. Everything from plaster and concrete to liquid plastics and paints & powders to name but a few.

Paint Strippers & Wallpaper Steamer Hire - try our Electric Wallpaper Steamer / Stripper to make light work of large wallpaper removal tasks. With the large steam plate which makes even difficult to access areas a breeze. Durable and environmentally friendly as the Steamer only uses electric and water to operate. If you are looking to remove old oil-based paint then why not view out Electric Heat Gun? This is a simple and effective way to strip paint without the mess associated with chemical paint strippers.

Whatever your project, you can be sure Smiths have the tool hire you need to get the job done!

Decorating Equipment Hire

Fixing Equipment Hire

View our Fixing Equipment Hire category -

Electric Screwdriver Hire - we offer Drywall Screwdriver Hire which is ideal for fastening drywall boards and special boards (Fermacell) to metal. As well as for wood framing on walls and ceilings. We also have a range of Cordless Auto Feed Screwdriver Hire available. Ideal for dry lining and decking applications and designed for applications with heavy driving/high torque.

Nail Gun Hire - We offer a selection of 1st Fix and 2nd fix nail guns. The key difference between first fix and second fix nail guns is that 1st fix nail guns are more powerful machines that use larger nails for heavy duty framing applications. First fix nail guns - also referred to as framing nailers; typically leave some dents in the wood, yet this does not really matter because the purpose of the job is not aesthetic, as the work will not really be visible. Whilst Second fix nail guns - also referred to as finishing nailers and brad nailers; are slightly more delicate and refined pieces of equipment that use smaller nails for a range of ‘finishing’ applications. The results of this work are more visible, so second fix nail guns typically use finishing nails or brad nails, which are thin and have very small or no heads. This means that they cause less splitting in the wood and give a more refined finish.

We have a great range of professional standard Fixing Equipment Hire products as well as Nail Guns for hire.

Fixing Equipment Hire

Road, Fencing & Barriers

Our Road, Fencing & Barriers range offers various road-related products.

Road Equipment Hire - Offers anything from Road Forms and Road Pins to Enduramats, Steel Road Plates and Pedestrian Walkway Mats. We have a wide range of equipment for hire to provide temporary access solutions to your site.

Traffic Management - With a selection of Road Cones and Traffic Separators for hire. As well as a selection of Road Signs all of which are fully compliant with the Department of Transport Safety Regulations.

Fencing Hire - Do you need to keep people safe and away from restricted areas? Then check out our various fencing options from Heras Fencing hire to Temporary Hoarding Panels. We have the equipment you need to keep your site or venue safe.

Barrier Hire - If you need a temporary flexible solution for controlling traffic and pedestrians look no further than our Chapter 8 barriers. And we also have Crowd Barrier Arches and Police Crowd Control Barriers too. Get kitted out with our Fencing & Barriers we have whatever you need when you're working on a road!

Road, Fencing & Barriers

Site Unit Hire

Our Site Unit Hire category is a must-have for lengthy projects. The secure and portable units provide necessary on-site facilities. They are also ideal for use at event as well as on construction sites.Welfare Unit HireOffers complete solutions for your site or event with portable options such as LED lights, heating and hot water. As well as sockets to power laptops / mobile phones. Not to mention toilet facilities and full canteens all in one unit. Options include Welfare Vans and Towable Welfare Units.Site Toilet HireWhen nature calls and you are miles away from mains sewage or power then our portable Toilet Hire options are the answer you need. Completely portable units for hire and available in options such as Toilet Block Units as well as Cold Water or Hot Wash Toilets too. Perfect for building sites or outdoor events.Accommodation Unit HireDesigned for maximum security our anti-vandal Site Units for hire are the ideal solution for you. Made from steel and fitted with security locks, the units offer peace of mind that your valuables are 100% secure. The units are self-contained and can be hired on a short or long term basis. From Site Office Units and Storage Units to Canteen Units and Dry Rooms. Featuring stackable options and variable configurations we have a large range of choice for you.Talk to Smiths Hire today regarding your Site Accommodation Hire requirements and we will be able to match you with the exact kit that you require to keep your site operational and efficient.

Site Unit Hire

Cleaning Equipment Hire

Our Cleaning Equipment Hire category has everything you need to keep your home, office or outside space sparkling.

Domestic & Commercial Cleaning - We have everything from Carpet Cleaners and Floor Scrubber Hire to Vacuum Cleaner Hire available. With big brand names like Karcher, Bissell and Numatic you can be sure that we have what you need to suit domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning projects.

Outdoor Cleaning - for tackling weeds, moss & debris in your garden why not try our walk behind powered weed brush. A compact but powerful solution to use without chemicals. As well as our range of Heavy Duty Electric Power Washer Hire you can freshen up your patio or driveway. As well as cleaning more challenging environments such as motor vehicles, machinery or wheelie bins.

With names you can trust like Kranzle and Stihl you can be sure to get the job done with our Cleaning Equipment Hire!

If you would rather purchase a Pressure Washer then take a look at our STIHL Pressure Washer selection in our STIHL Online Store. STIHL offers market leading products featuring the latest innovative technology and we also sell a range of accessories for your new pressure washer too.

STIHL Online Store – Buy STIHL Pressure Washers

Cleaning Equipment Hire

Air Conditioner Hire

Our Air Conditioner Hire at Smiths Hire offers a range of cooling products. This includes air conditioners and rapid fans, designed to help you to work comfortably. This means that carrying out work, even in the heat, is manageable with our range of cooling hire equipment.

Air Conditioning Hire - with models ranging from 3.5kW to 9.0kW. We have the equipment that you need whatever the size of your office, warehouse or event space. Portable, powerful air cooler hire at your finger tips.

Rapid Fans & Evaporative Cooler Hire - ideal if you require equipment that can be used both indoors and outdoors. This makes our Rapid Fan hire and Evaporative Air Cooler Hire the perfect choice for warehouses and restaurants. Looking for a cooling fan that won’t let you down? Then our air conditioning hire range has got you covered! You can find all of our cooling equipment hire options below.

Air Conditioner Hire

Compressors & Air Tools Hire

Our Compressor and Air Tools Hire category has a wide range of various pneumatic tools and compression equipment as well as Air Tools Hire.

Industrial Compressor Hire - robust, portable machines that are ideal for industrial and commercial operators, garages, factories and farms too. Providing a pressure of compressed air to power professional spray-guns & many of the most frequently used air tools.

Tool Compressor Hire - air compressors are a safe and efficient method for powering pneumatic air tools whilst on construction sites. We have a range of options - 1 tool / 2 tool and 4 tool Road Towable. These powerful compression tools for hire have a heavy-duty chassis and advanced, fuel saving motors.

Air Tools & Accessories - we have the ideal range of add-on tools and accessories to accompany our compressors. We offer scabbler hire; from pneumatic multihead floor scabblers, pogo scabblers as well as single and triple headed versions.

Click on the thumbnails below to view our Compression and Air Tools range.

Compressors & Air Tools Hire

Concreting & Finishing Hire

Concreting and Finishing Hire products from Smiths Hire, offering all you need to finish your concreting project. Laying Concrete and Concrete Finishing are big jobs that need to be done properly. So it's important that you have the right equipment needed.

Our Concrete Mixer Hire gets you off to the right start with options such diesel, petrol and also electric models. We are sure to have the ideal size for your project. We also offer a range of accessories to assist with your job. Such as; Concrete Column Skips, Concrete Test Cube Moulds, Curing Tanks and Vibrating Pokers.

Finally, our Concrete Finishing Hire products assist you to get the perfect finish on your project. With products such as Power Floats that are petrol driven and provide you with professional results quickly. We also offer Concrete Easy Floats which improves the final surface durability and finish. We also offer a specialist product - our Razorback Truss Screed, this delivers a very flat surface and covers 25m in one pass over. Ideal for applications such as concrete floors, pavements, runways and bridges.

With our Concreting and Finishing Hire, we've got what you need to ensure that you make a solid job of it!

Concreting & Finishing Hire

Mini Digger Hire (0.8T to 5T)

Our Mini Digger Hire range gives great digging and lifting power. Available for Digger Hire in a range of sizes from 0.8T to 5.0T.

Micro Digger Hire - The smallest digger in our range - the 0.8T Micro Digger. The Kubota K008-3, is the super mini-excavator of choice for tough jobs where space is limited.

Mini Digger Hire - With multiple size options to fit your needs. We can offer diggers ranging from 1.5T to 5.0T. Our selection of mini excavators for hire offer the power required for the most demanding jobs. As well as the versatility to work in any condition.

Electric Mini Digger Hire - Ideal for use in urban or enclosed areas due to the zero emission clean technology. Which improves air quality in sensitive environments.

No matter what the job is, we have the Excavator Hire equipment you need to make it effortless!

Mini Digger Hire (0.8T to 5T)

Dust Control

View our Dust Control solutions which address common hazards around the home, office or industrial environment. The dangers of dust is one of the most overlooked concerns when undertaking a project in your home, office or construction site. At Smiths Hire we have a number of hire options to assist you along the way. 

Dust Suppression Hire and Dust Extractor Hire - There is no such thing as "one size fits all". On the contrary, there are very specific pieces of machinery intended to be used for targeted purposes.

For example - the DF Smart Mist Cannon. This device will emit a fine mist into the air. The mist latches onto any ambient dust particles and causes them to fall to the ground (and to clump together). The unit is lightweight, portable and its angle can be adjusted depending upon the environment.

Where as the DC Tromb 400 is often an excellent idea within work environments,. It is able to filter as many as 400 cubic metres of air per hour. Floor grinders and industrial sanders can be used in conjunction with this device. 

Then the Dustcontrol Air Cube is suited for even the most challenging of tasks. As it is able to filter up to 1,800 cubic metres of air every hour. However, it is still easy to manipulate and it will accommodate most commercial / industrial requirements.

The dangers of dust should never be taken lightly. Browse our Dust Control products offered by Smiths Hire!

Dust Control

Floor Preparation Equipment

We offer a range of Floor Preparation Equipment for hire that will help you get the job done quickly and professionally.

Wooden Floor Sander Hire - if you need to get your wooden flooring looking like new. Then renting a floor sander from Smiths Hire is ideal solution for you! We have floor belt sanders as well as edging sanders for you. If you need both them you can combine the two products in our Floor Sander and Floor Edger hire kit.

Floor Grinder Hire - if you are looking to undertake refurbishment work to remove paint or level concrete then we have the perfect tool hire for you. Our concrete floor grinders and concrete polishers are perfect for ease of use. As well as creating a fully prepared surface prior to coatings or finishing.

Concrete Planer Hire - let us do the hard work for you with our concrete floor planers. These machines remove concrete faster and more aggressively than standard floor grinders. With petrol, electric and diesel options available.

Floor Tile Stripping Machine Hire - ceramic tile stripping can be back breaking work. So why not hire a tile stripper machine from us today and get the job done in half the time. With options such as heavy duty tile strippers as well as handheld tile removal machines we have a great choice for you.

Check out our Floor Preparation Equipment range today!

Floor Preparation Equipment

Gardening Tools

Looking to tackle garden tasks with ease? At Smiths Hire, we've got you covered when it comes to garden tools. From general gardening tools to rough-cut mowers and chainsaws, we offer a wide selection of equipment to make your garden makeover or maintenance projects a breeze. Whether you need to rent garden tools for a small weekend job or a large-scale, long-term undertaking, we have the gardening tools and equipment you need to get the job done efficiently. 


Trimming hedges, battling garden weeds, or tackling overgrown areas - you can handle it all efficiently with our comprehensive selection of garden tools for hire. Our range includes powerful electric and petrol hedge trimmers that effortlessly cut through conifer, low-growing, or large evergreen hedges, making hedge trimming a breeze. For those persistent garden weeds, we recommend renting one of our brush cutters. If you're dealing with smaller weeds, a garden hoe from our collection will do the trick. Removing the roots of the plant is crucial to prevent future regrowth, and you can rest assured our tools are up to the task.


When it comes time to tackle long grass or undergrowth, turn to our lightweight strimmers. These versatile tools can quickly tidy up your garden, leaving it looking neater in a matter of minutes. With our extensive range of gardening tools, you'll have everything you need to complete outdoor jobs efficiently, keeping your garden in top shape and your green fingers happy!


Gardening Tools

Cutting and Grinding

Our Cutting and Grinding range is suitable for jobs big and small. This category includes a variety of hire equipment perfect for all types of cutting tasks.

Angle Grinder Hire - A handheld power tool that can be used for a variety of metal fabrication jobs. Including cutting, grinding, finishing and polishing. We offer wall grinders as well as cordless angle grinders.

Masonry Saw Hire - Unlike regular saws, which can really only cut wood, masonry saws are capable of cutting a wide variety of tough materials. Our range features both petrol or electric models as well as Floor Saws, Saw Benches and Wall Chasers.

Metal Cutting Equipment - Whether you need to cut pipes, steel, iron or other metal products, our Metal Cutting Tool range has something to suit every task. From Bench Saws and Circular Saws to Nibblers and Bolt Croppers. We can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Stone Splitter Hire - Our Block Splitter options provide the ideal solution to break up blocks, bricks, paving and stone. They take the hard work out of the task with the powerful action. While also minimising the amount of dust and particles that can be created when using an alternative cutting tool.

Tile Cutter Hire - Whether you are a professional or a DIYer we have a range of products for you to use when cutting tiles. For smaller ceramic tiling jobs you can simply use a hand tile cutter. But if you need tiling equipment for porcelain, stone and for larger tiles; then our Bridge Saw Tile Cutter or Diamond Tile Table Saw may be the ideal option for you.

Cable Cutting Tool Hire - Ideal for cutting and crimping cables. Used by engineers, mechanics and electricians in the trade.

Take a look at our range of Cutting and Grinding equipment hire today!

Cutting and Grinding

Ground Compaction Machinery

View our Compactor Hire products. Offering a selection of reliable ground compactor equipment with a variety of features. This means we have something suitable for every project.

For compacting sand or loose materials

We have trench rammers available in both 2 and 4 stroke models. Both with a choice of foot size available. These are ideal if you need to compact hardcore on construction projects requiring a hard and flat surface.

Need to level ground for pavements or road construction?

We also have a selection of push along single drum rollers for hire. These are smaller than their double drum (tandem) counterparts and are perfect for preparing sites for building foundations where access may be a challenge. Our tandem ride-on rollers, offer driver comfort and feature outstanding designs. As well as top-quality compaction performance. Making them well suited to getting the job done efficiently.

Working on DIY projects at home?

We can help you find the right tools for the job too. If you’re going to be creating a solid base for your new shed or greenhouse installation, or perhaps you’re looking to prepare a new pathway or driveway. Then our selection of wacker plates are the right choice for you. Available in petrol, diesel, and electric models, there is something for every location. The electric vibrating plate, as it’s also known, is great for use indoors. But also suitable in poorly ventilated areas. Due to it being electrical it also benefits from being eco-friendly.

With such a wide selection of ground compaction machinery to hire, we have everything you could possibly need to get the job done. Our team are proud to provide an exceptional service to all of our clients. With next-day delivery often available. All of our equipment is of the highest standards and is regularly serviced. So you can rest assured that you’re using only the best tools for the job. Get in touch today to find out more about our Ground Compactor Hire today.

Ground Compaction Machinery

Portable Heating Hire

Our range of Portable Heating Hire products are an ideal choice when the temperatures start to fall. With options suitable for home, commercial and industrial and including Gas, Fuel and Electric models we will have the right equipment for you to hire. Electric Heater Hire - Perfect for indoor use or in poorly ventilated areas. We have a range of products including Electric Infrared Heaters, various Fan Heaters for home, office or industrial unit. As well as Convector and Oil radiators too. Gas Heater Hire - If you need to heat larger spaces such as halls or marquees try our Propane Space Heaters. Or if you need to warm your workplace or other large open areas such as warehouses or barns view our Butane Cabinet Heaters for suitability. Fuel Indirect Heaters - Our selection of Diesel fuelled heaters - Diesel Space Heater of Diesel Radiant Heater. Combines both forced air heating and radiant heating processes to bring fast efficient heat to your space. Dehumidifiers - we have the ideal products in 110V / 240V power options. With small and large variants we will have the product that you need to  reduce moisture without risk of damage to the building materials. Don't get left in the cold this Winter, hire today from Smiths Hire.

Portable Heating Hire

Lifting Equipment Hire

If there's ever a time when you need help from equipment it's when you're lifting heavy goods and materials. Our Lifting range is here to ensure your job gets done safely and injury-free.

Winch Hire

An Electric Winch is a motorized device used for lifting, pulling and positioning of loads. It is typically mounted to a vehicle's front or rear bumper and is powered by direct current electricity provided by the vehicle's electrical system. We also have Wire Rope and Retrieval Winches as well as Winch Accessories.

Lifting Equipment Hire

Our Forklift Hire eliminates the need for manpower and reduces the amount of time required to move goods. Ideal to move things up and down to higher locations than what could be reached by hand. Telehandlers are usually mounted on a four-wheel drive chassis and equipped with a telescopic boom that can provide impressive lift heights. On the end of the boom the operator can fit one of several attachments.

Material Handling Equipment Hire

Hire a Bumpa Hoist to make easy work of transporting roof slates and tiles up to the working level quickly and with little effort. The units belt moves both forward and in reverse meaning that it can be used for removing tiles/ slates also. We also offer a range of Kerb Lifters and Material Hoists too.

Jack Hire

Safety on a building site or construction environment is paramount so our Jacks are ideal for transferring structural loads or as structural support whilst working on site. Products such as Bottle & Toe Jacks as well as Cable Reel Screw Jacks.

Gantry Hire

Our range includes Gantries and Hoists used for lowering and lifting both equipment and people below ground level. You can choose from a Porta Gantry, Hoist or a Beam Trolley.

Smiths Hire have the Lifting Equipment you need to get the job done safely and effectively.

Lifting Equipment Hire

Plant Hire & General Building

We offer a wide selection of Plant Hire & General Building Equipment for hire. Including everything you might need for digging & excavating,. As well as dumping & removal to lifting at height.

Mini Digger Hire - With options ranging from a micro digger at 0.8T to the larger capacity 5.0T mini diggers. We also offer a range of hydraulic attachments to hire such as post drivers & breakers.

Dumper Truck Hire - Our equipment sizes range from 1.0T to 9.0T in our dumper hire range. With options like Hi Tip, Swivel and Articulated we have the right piece of plant for your project.

Skip Loader Hire - With various options for moving or loading materials into or onto other machinery. We can offer Hi Tip Pedestrian Skip Loaders to Multi Loaders and Skid Steer Loaders.

Telehandler Hire - With products from big brands such a JCB and JLG we have height options ranging from 3m to 17m! We can also supply fuel and electric equipment depending on your requirements.

As a leading plant hire company in the country, wherever you are in the UK, we’ve got you covered with National Delivery. With Same Day delivery on Diggers, Dumpers & Telehandlers available in the North West & Yorkshire.

Plant Hire & General Building

Plumbing & Pipework

If you're a Plumber needing the right equipment for the job, look no further! Our range offers you the kit you need -

Plumbing Tool Hire 

Whether it's Damp Proofing equipment you need or Drainage solutions we offer Drain Clearing tools and Pipe Inspection Equipment. As well as Camscopes and Descaling / Flushing Pumps.

Pipework Equipment Hire 

We offer a large range of Pipework Tools, with anything from Pipe Bending and Cutting to Pressers, Stands and Threaders. There is also an assortment of specialised equipment like Pressure Test Pumps and Pipe Freezing Kits.

Contact us today, to speak to our team regarding our Plumbing & Pipework range.

Plumbing & Pipework

Power & Lighting

Our Power and Lighting range offers the ideal solution to lighting your site along with the equipment needed to power them. A real one stop shop for Power Solutions and Lighting Hire!

Power Solutions - every construction site needs power and we have the hire equipment you to get the job done. From our Distribution Box Hire a portable, tough power solution available in 110v / 240v models. As well as our Generator Hire offering both Petrol and Diesel Generators. Available in power variants from 1kVA - 100kVA depending on the size of the tools you're working with. Then there is the Transformer Hire which has a full range of transformers available in 3kVA to 10kVA power outputs. All power requires Cables & Leads,  everything from extension leads / reels and cable hire.

Site Lighting Hire - our Portable LED Lighting Hire offers a vast range of lighting solutions for your construction site. Everything from LED Festoon Lighting Hire to LED Stand Lights in a choice of singe, double or quad heads. We also have a large choice of 4ft LED Tube Lights on tripod / solid bases for hire. Portable Lighting Tower Hire - are easy to move around site making them useful and convenient. Choose from our portable Halide or LED lighting towers. Ideal for keeping your site working and safe. On the shorter winter days when daylight can't be relied on for visibility our site lighting can provide the perfect solution.

Don't be kept in the dark, let us power and light up your construction site to help you get the job done!

Power & Lighting

Scaffolding Hire

Our Scaffolding Hire and Scaffold Towers range is ideal for all your non-powered access requirements when working at height.MiTower Hire - with a 6m working height, this tower kit is easy to assemble and dismantle and is designed for one person use. Convenient, secure and easy to transport.Scaffold Tower Hire - ideal for working at height without the requirement for powered access equipment. Currently available in AGR (Advanced Guard Rail) and 3T (Through The Trap) as well Lyte Room alloy towers. All of our towers are available in a range of different working heights to suit your project and requirements.Stairwell Kit Hire - recommended when completing maintenance and decorating projects on stairs. With kits ranging form 1.0m - 6.0m platform heights these are ideal for both domestic and commercial work. We also have a MiStairs kit available which is a bolt on to our popular Mitower hire products.Trestle and Board Hire - our Trestle and Board Hire offers products including Adjustable Steel Trestles (or Bandstands) available in three sizes, Staging Boards and Timber Scaffold Boards.Scaffolding Accessories - we offer a range of items for your Scaffolding Hire including single and double scaffold clips, as well as scaffold joint pins and scaffold sleeve couplers.

Scaffolding Hire

Site Safety & Security Equipment

We have a selection of Site Safety and Security Equipment available to Hire, helping to keep your staff, site and equipment secure.

Whether you’re in need of Body Harness Equipment, Fall Arrest Bags, Safe Fuel Storage Chests or Two-way Radios. We have everything you could need to allow your team to put both their and others safety first.

For safe fuel storage, look no further than our fuel and Gas Storage Cages.

In need of battery charging? We can provide a Battery Charging Bank, allowing you to charge multiple batteries together in a secure area to keep your machines up and running.

Concerned about the safety and wellbeing of those on-site in high-crime or risk locations, such as event venues? Why not utilise our Metal Arch Detector to ensure no knives or other weapons are brought onto your premises.

At Smiths Hire, safety is our priority and hiring equipment from us simply couldn’t be any easier.

See our full range of Site Safety and Security Equipment below.

Site Safety & Security Equipment

Welders & Fume Extraction

View our range of Welder Hire and Welding Accessories, along with Fume Extractors to go with them.

Welder Hire

The basic purpose of welding is to join two elements together with a firm connection. Welders typically work with metal or thermoplastic and use durable filler material to bind them together. We offer a range of heavy duty and robust Welders and Welder Accessories for hire. The Site Welders are available in Petrol and Diesel variants. We also have Arc Welders and Electrofusion Welders available. As well as a full range of Welding Accessories such as Welding Screens, Weatherproof Work Shelters and Welding Leads.

Fume Extractor Hire

Fume Extraction is essential when working in enclosed spaces and poorly ventilated areas. They introduce fresh air and remove harmful fumes, odours, dust, vapours, and more. Extractor Fans ensure that spaces are safe, clean, and more comfortable for working. We have Welding Fume Extractors and 110v Fume Extractors / Ventilators.

Contact our Smiths Hire team for more information and advice for your Welding & Fume Extraction requirements.

Welders & Fume Extraction

Woodworking Tool Hire

Our vast selection of Woodworking Tool Hire and equipment could be described as a joiners paradise!

From Sanders to Saws, Routers to Wrenches. As well as a variety of other relevant Woodwork Tools. We have everything you could possibly need to get the job done.

Whether you’re a DIY’er or a specialist craftsman, our exceptional variety of Woodworking Tools are available to help you complete any woodwork project to a high standard.

We pride ourselves on having such a variety of well cared for, high-quality equipment available. Suitable for even the most demanding projects.

So, whether you are working on a flooring project or need to sand down some timber, we’re here to help.

Hiring from us couldn’t be easier, with next day delivery available. As well as fast, transparent quotes available online. Take a look at our full range of Woodworking Equipment below.

Woodworking Tool Hire
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