3 tools that are always ready and available at Smiths Hire

At Smiths Hire, our top 100 hire pledge provides you with gardening tools when you need them. From chainsaws to woodchippers, we’ve got you covered 24/7!

There’s no better time to be outside maintaining your garden than summer! And, to make sure you have everything you need to get the job done at Smiths Hire, our extensive inventory is fully prepared with a comprehensive selection of top-quality garden maintenance tools to help you keep your garden looking its best. From hedge trimmers to lawnmowers and everything in between, our commitment ensures these essentials are always in stock, no matter how high the demand is, whether you’re a green-thumb aficionado or a professional landscaper.

At Smiths Hire, we understand the value of having the right tools for every project. That’s why we proudly uphold our commitment to tool hire through our Top 100 tool hire pledge, ensuring that our extensive selection of garden maintenance tools remains fully stocked and readily available 24/7. This pledge guarantees that you’ll always find what you need to keep your garden flourishing. Let’s take a look at some of the tools you’ll always be able to hire!

Wood chippers and shredders

Whether you’re tackling waste wood from pruning, mulching flower beds, or maintaining pathways, our versatile range of wood shredders is designed to meet every gardening need. Our wood chippers offer a powerful and efficient way to transform yard waste into mulch or compost, making your gardening tasks easier and more sustainable.

The Eliet Compact HD Petrol Wood Chipper offers robustness and precision, which makes it ideal for creating uniform mulch or compost. If you’re handling larger projects, the Eliet Major 4S Green Waste Shredder provides exceptional power in a compact size, perfect for manoeuvring through tight garden spaces. And, if you’re a landscaping professional looking for reliability and efficiency, you’ll appreciate the Timberwolf 75mm Heavy Duty Petrol Wood Chipper Shredder.

Garden pressure washer

Transform your garden cleaning routine this summer with our Heavy Duty Electric Pressure Washer. This powerful yet compact tool is ideal for outdoor cleaning tasks, offering quick and effective performance to tackle dirt and debris with ease. Whether you’re cleaning patio furniture, refreshing wooden decking, or revitalising stone paving, our Electric Pressure Washer packs a punch! Just remember to check the manufacturer’s instructions to determine the appropriate pressure settings when cleaning delicate surfaces like decking and stone paving. With its versatility and reliability, this pressure washer will be your go-to solution for maintaining a spotless garden all throughout the summer.

Heavy-duty chainsaw with safety kit

Upgrade your summer garden maintenance with our STIHL Heavy Duty Petrol Chainsaw. Whether you’re preparing firewood for a summer evening or trimming overhanging branches, our chainsaws deliver exceptional cutting performance and incorporate advanced features like reduced emissions technology and side-mounted chain tensioning. Engineered to minimise vibrations, these chainsaws ensure a safer and more comfortable outdoor project. From cutting up logs to clearing land, our chainsaw range guarantees reliability and efficiency for every summer garden task. Plus, our Heavy Duty Petrol Chainsaw comes with all the safety gear you need to carry out your garden tasks safely and without worry!

So, if you’re out in the garden this summer and looking for the right tools to do all your jobs and enjoy spending time outdoors, then you’re in the right place!

Take a look at all the amazing tools available through our Top 100 tool hire pledge, which you can get delivered directly to your work premises or doorstep. If you’d prefer to take a look at our inventory in person, our 17 tool hire depots are located across the country, including vibrant cities like Manchester, Liverpool, and Leeds. You can also browse the complete list on our website! If you have any questions or need assistance with our tool hire services, our team of experts is just a call away at 0333 323 2100, and they’ll be delighted to help you!