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New Products

Two-Way Radio w/ Charger

The VDG-360 is the latest addition to the range of Vitai radios. It is their smallest digital radio, and offers excellent audio quality and range. It comes complete with a G shape earpiece/microphone. Durable and water-resistant with polycarbonate housing and aluminium die-cast chassis, the VDG-360 meets IP66 rating standard and is built to withstand extreme… Read more »

Mini Digger Kubota U17-3A 1.5t for Hire

The Kubota U17-3A Mini Digger provides excellent digging depth and reach. Kubota’s U17-3A delivers powerful performance and the use of new short-pitched rubber crawlers helps minimise vibration during travel for improved operator comfort. Kubota’s unique E-TVCS (Three Vortex Combustion System) enables high-energy output, low vibration and low fuel consumption, while minimising exhaust emissions. With its… Read more »

Kubota U17-3A 1.5t Mini Digger

AVANT 745 Telehandler 3m For Hire

The Avant 745 Telehandler is new to the Smiths Hire fleet. The telescopic boom makes it possible to have a very compact machine with a greater lifting capacity to lift huge amounts of weight up to 3m. With the boom fully extended, the reach and lifting height are unparalleled. Many attachment options are available for… Read more »

Brendon Dustec Mist Cannon

The Brendon Dustec Mist Cannon is brand new to the Smiths Hire fleet and is a unique water-powered dust & odour suppression solution. To be used in conjunction with the Brendon 940L Bowserwasher Product Features: Unique Water Powered Fan & High Pressure Atomisation. No Electrical supply required. Can be used up to 75M away from… Read more »

DELTADECK (3m) Work Platform/Podium

The DELTADECK® low level work platform is an innovative working at height solution. It is ideal for those needing flexibility when working at heights of 3m and below. Compact dimensions allow easy transportation and storage (the DELTADECK® can be transported in the boot of most cars). Lightweight and simple to assemble and dismantle, the DELTADECK®… Read more »

Dingli Electric Scissor Lift JCPT0607DCS 5.6m for Hire

The Dingli 5.6m electric scissor lift for hire is one of our newest additions to the fleet. This impressive machine is the smallest scissor lift we have available for rental, however it is still just as reliable as the bigger machines in the range. Why not hire our 5.6m electric scissor lift if you have… Read more »

5.6m Scissor Lift Hire

REMS Mini-Press up to 35mm (MAX)

Universal, super handy electric tool with automatic circuit control for producing pipe pressing joints for all common pressfitting systems. For battery and corded operation. Pipe pressing joints Ø 10–40 mm, 3/8″ – 1 1/4″. REMS pressing tongs Mini. REMS Mini-Press ACC – universal up to Ø 40 mm / 1 1/4″. Super light, super small,… Read more »

REMS Cordless Pressing Tool 12v for Hire

Universal, handy electric tool with switch-off signal for producing pipe pressing joints for all common pressfitting systems, pressing joints Ø 15mm – 54mm. For reliable service, operating and functional safety. A perfect joint is achieved when pressing tongs close completely. Acoustic signal after successful completion of pressing operation. The pressing tongs remain in a closed… Read more »

NovoPress ECO301

The NovoPress ECO301 pressing unit, with its compact dimensions, stands for the best results on pressfitting joints from 12mm up to 108mm. The complete pressing process is driven and monitored by a microprocessor and ensures constantly optimal pressing performance. Easy handling and ergonomic design permit easy access even to the tightest pressing points. Product Features:… Read more »

Prop Pal Needle System

Prop Pal the only wall support where the acrow prop locks into the Prop Pal needle at one end whilst the other end has a specially patented jacking support (or winding mechanism) which can be secured to the floor for greater stability with a safe working load of 1500KG per unit – Providing a safer… Read more »

Beaver Tracked Carrier

The Beaver Tracked Carrier is strong and versatile with countless uses. With fully proportional radio remote control, this machine provides easy and convenient carrying of materials. Extendable and customisable tops are standard and a wide range of attachments are available. Beaver Tracked Carrier Features: Fully proportional radio remote control. Maintenance free batteries with built in… Read more »

Tracked Carrier

Dingli AMWP11.5-8100 Self-Propelled Mast Lift

The Dingli AMWP11.5-8100 is a Self-Propelled Mast Lift, new to the Smiths Hire fleet. This machine platform has a safe working load of 200kg and a working height of up to 11.2m. Dingli AMWP11.5-8100 Features: 345° Turret rotation. 3m horizontal extension, covering more working areas. Touch screen, convenient for quick fault diagnosis and function setting…. Read more »

Dingli AMWP11.5-8100

Snorkel S3008P Push Around Vertical Lift

The Snorkel S3008P is an innovative push-around mini scissor lift, which provide a cost-effective way to safely work at low level heights indoors. Designed to withstand the demands of construction sites and the rental industry, the Snorkel S3008P is a heavy-duty and robust mini scissor lift, which is easy to use and simple to maintain…. Read more »

Snorkel S3008P

Portamix Pelican

The Portamix Pelican Cart offers the user options to move and pour materials at the application area quickly and easily. The transport cart boosts productivity, lowers labor costs and reduces physical effort. Portamix Pelican Product Features: 360˚ maneuverability and large handle design for easy steering and transport of material. Transport a full PORTAMIX load, eliminating… Read more »

Portamix Pelican

Portamix Hippo

*Please note this product is only available via cross-hire* The Portamix Hippo has a well balanced design. One person can mix, transport and pour with ease and precision, therefore reducing down time and material waste. These versatile machines have proven on-site performance to boost productivity and profitability. Portamix Hippo Product Features: Mixes, delivers and spreads… Read more »

Portamix Hippo

Elite 110V 50W LED Floodlight

Elite is a manufacturer of high quality products that are specifically built to withstand the rigours of the construction industry. The 110V 50W LED floodlight has one single head on the swing leg tripod. This is a direct alternative to tungsten halogen giving a clean energy efficient white light. Find out more about the tripod… Read more »

tripod light rental

Elite 2x50W LED 110V Swing Leg Tripod Light For Hire

Elite is a manufacturer of high quality products that are specifically built to withstand the rigours of the construction industry. The Elite tripod site light 50 watt 110 volt single head on the swing leg tripod, is a direct alternative to tungsten halogen giving a clean energy efficient white light making it a great on-site… Read more »

Tripod Light For Hire

Elite 30W Double Head Work Light

Elite is a manufacturer of high quality products that are specifically built to withstand the rigours of the construction industry. This Elite LED work light with 2 x 30 watt LEDs can produce a similar output to a 500 watt halogen lamp, but using just 10% of the power draw. Key features: 2 X 30… Read more »

36W Aurora LED Light Battery Powered

The LED36RB provides a 360° light angle and is rechargeable with its battery lasting for between 8 and 16 hours! The compact design makes this portable LED light easy to transport and easy to set up to brighten any workspace. Key features: 8-10 hours charging = 8-16 hours working 30,000 hours LED life expectancy Robust and… Read more »

Cordless/Battery Circular Metal Cutting Saw 18V for Hire

The Makita DCS550 is a Cordless Metal Cutting Saw, featuring compact and lightweight design for high manoeuvrability and easy handling, maximum cutting depth of 51mm and a long life motor with replaceable carbon brushes. It is powered by 18V Li-ion battery, meaning a safer and more convenient use with no cords to worry about. Product… Read more »

Industrial Space Heater with Hose and Regulator

Our gas heaters for hire come complete with hose and regulator assembly. No electric supply required. Clean burning – no smell. Great for all round heat and for drying out. Long lasting robust construction. Features No electric supply required. Excellent all round heat. Great for drying out. Long lasting robust construction. Very clean burning. You… Read more »

Block Slab Extractor

An essential tool for any contractor who lays paving blocks or carries out repairs to paved surfaces. Adjustable to fit any size and shape of paver. With Locking Device! The operator does not need to continually squeeze the SZ-handles together! The spring steel blades can be driven into the joints of existing pavements without problems… Read more »

FuelBox Red Diesel

The Fuelbox is a UN approved 20 litre bag in box Red Diesel/Gas Oil fuelling system. It contains a specially formulated additive system 10-Plus, which achieves outstanding performance over conventional Red Diesel/Gas Oil. Available to purchase for £35.00 (hire not available). Suitable for all off-road engines: Plant/Machinery Equipment. Agricultural machinery including modern machines calibrated to… Read more »

Swivel Head Infrared Electric Heater For Hire (RedRad 110V 3kW)

After decades of success in the market it’s clear this tried and tested infrared heater hasn’t lost its appeal. Its performance, manoeuvrability and robust design makes this spot heater perfect for use in exposed environments. The swivel head is fitted with two individual 1.5kw clip in quartz halogen lamps, the benefit of the clips means… Read more »

Armorgard Drum Cage

DrumCage is the first choice for the safe storage of hazardous substances. With a unique-COSHH compliant design, DrumCage is one of the few storage units on the market that is suitable for storing many types of hazardous substances, including gas and liquids. Robust safety features include a sturdy base, removable grated flooring and a 290… Read more »

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