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1 Person Handwash Station

The 1 Person Handwash Station – the WashStand Xtra Mobile Sink. Highly mobile foot pump operated hand washing – wherever it’s needed! A rugged go-anywhere unit, easy to clean and use, it needs no electricity or mains water supply. It can be used anywhere a hand wash is required – indoors or out!

1 Person Handwash Station

Defibrillator Hire

Ideal for on site safety or for large events, the Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 Semi-Automatic Defibrillator offer a complete AED (Automated External Defibrillator) solution. Gives you the confidence to act in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Featuring fast shock times and user friendly instructions.

Defibrillator Hire

Husqvarna K4000 Cut-n-Break (Electric)

The Husqvarna K4000 Cut-n-Break (Electric) Power Cutter is the ideal choice when you need to cut deep but want a machine with low tool and maintenance costs. The Husqvarna K4000 Cut-n-Break enables you to cut as deep as 400 mm from one side. Suitable for flush cutting close to walls and floors as well as… Read more »

14m Telehandler (Manitou MT 1440)

The Manitou MT 1440 14m Telehandler available to hire is ideal for high-rise construction sites that require roofing and siding tasks. Featuring a load capacity of 4000kg, a height of 13.53m as well as outreach of 9.46m.

14m telehandler 2 - manitou mt 1440

Heavy Duty Flail Mower

The Heavy Duty Flail Mower; AS 701 SM, offers a flail mulcher suitable for use on slopes difficult terrain. It performs in high grass & dense growth on slopes without the risk of engine damage. With a high work rate perfect handling the flail mulcher delivers uniform mulching results in grass up to 100cm high… Read more »

Flail Mower Hire

1.6t Hybrid Mini Digger

The 1.6t Hybrid Mini Digger by Takeuchi is one of the most popular mini excavators worldwide. A compact machine packed full of proven Takeuchi features including expanding tracks, smooth hydraulics and powerful breakout force. A firm favourite with tool hirers, utilities, jobbing builders and ground workers.

Compact HD Petrol Wood Chipper

Our Petrol Wood Chipper by Eliet is a compact but robust piece of equipment. Ideal for chopping materials measuring up to 40mm, with up to 36,000 cuts per minute. This gives you uniform chips that are ideal for using as a mulch layer or on a compost heap.

Eliet Wood Chipper

Police Crowd Control Barrier

The 1.5m Police Crowd Control Barrier is specifically designed to control crowds. Ideal for public gatherings such as film premiers, music festivals and carnivals. The Police Crowd Control Barrier is constructed from heavy duty materials with a galvanised coating which prolongs the life of the barriers. Unlike most standard crowd control barriers these barriers have… Read more »

1.5m Police Crowd Control Barrier

2.8kW Fan Heater (110v or 240v)

The 2.8kW Fan Heater by Elite is small but powerful with an incredible 2.8kW output. With 3 control settings not only does this offer heat in the colder months but the fan facility can be used to keep you cool on site in Summer. Fitted with an internal thermostat so you have total control over… Read more »

2.8kW Fan Heater

3.0kW Fan Heater (230v)

The 3.0kW Fan Heater by Master is silent, efficient and versatile. The built-in room thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature taking into account the surrounding situations; the temperature has a range of 5 to 35 ° C; in the summer season the B3 EPB can be used as a fan. With a strong structure in… Read more »

3.0Kw Fan Heater

16″ (400mm) Petrol Masonry Saw – STIHL TS800

The STIHL TS800 Petrol Masonry Saw has built in performance and durability as standard. Ideal for cutting through stone, concrete, brickwork and masonry materials. With a very powerful 5.0kW engine with 400mm cutting wheel. Includes a long life air filter system with cyclone air routing. It’s fitted with a high performance engine with stratified charge… Read more »

Stihl TS800 Petrol Masonry Saw

1.6T Electric Pallet Truck

The 1.6T Electric Pallet Truck is a compact, all-rounder low lift pedestrian pallet truck. It is suitable for handling pallets or containers. This fully electric machine is a powerful pallet truck capable of transporting loads of up to 1,600kg across short distances. The 1.6T Electric Pallet Truck is also suitable for indoor and outdoor use…. Read more »

Aerial Work Platform (WH 9.57m)

The 9.57m Aerial Work Platform AWP-25S by Genie is ideal for work in light-floor-load areas such as hospitals, schools, gymnasiums and theatres. This AWP model is lighter, more suitable to be carried in vans and to work on sensitive floors.

Aerial Work Platform (WH 11.0m)

The Aerial Work Platform AWP-30S by Genie is ideal for work in light-floor-load areas such as hospitals, schools, gymnasiums and theatres. This AWP model is lighter, more suitable to be carried in vans and to work on sensitive floors. This makes it ideal for industrial maintenance, HVAC installations and shopping centres.

Dingli JCPT1612DC Electric Scissor Lift (WH 15.70m)

The Dingli JCPT1612DC is an electric scissor lift with a 15.70m working height a 200kg lifting capacity. Generally used indoors for a variety of, installation tasks in the air, such as electrical fixtures & cabling, duct work, drywall, ceiling panels, overhead sprinklers, etc.

Electric Lawn Scarifiers – 240V

Electric Lawn Scarifiers are ideal for large lawned areas playing fields where there is a need to remove dead grass, weeds moss quickly efficiently. Using a scarifier will promote healthy lawns without moss felting. It helps provide optimal oxygenation, passage of water nutritive elements to soil. They also have an adjustable cutting height. Available in… Read more »

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