Garden jobs to get done in April

With many tasks to be done, like weeding and tidying up, here’s how you can make the most of your time this month with our helpful tips and tool hire services.

April is here, bringing with it longer days and (hopefully) some nicer weather. If you consider yourself someone with a green thumb or enjoy tending to a well-managed garden throughout the summer months as a hobby so you have somewhere to host a good BBQ, it’s now time to get out and get your hands dirty laying the groundwork for a beautiful and fruitful garden.

At Smiths Hire, we love a bit of gardening. In fact, we have an entire section on our website dedicated to garden equipment tool hire, so you can find exactly what you need to get the job done, whether you’re a professional gardener, landscaper or just spicing up your garden for the warmer months!

Give your lawn some TLC

Ahh, mowing the lawn. You either love it or hate it, but it’s undeniable that it’s one of those tasks that makes an absolute world of difference to the appearance of your garden. We’d go as far as to say it’s half the battle of a neat and tidy garden, really. Plus, is there anything more spring-like than the smell of freshly cut grass? While it can be tedious and time-consuming when you’re working with old and faulty tools that have been stored in the shed for years at a time, when you have the correct equipment to hand – it’s light work!

At Smiths Hire, we offer a comprehensive range of lawn care equipment, all designed for your convenience. Whether you’re dealing with long grass, brambles, heavy weeds, or even artificial grass, our versatile range of equipment is here to make your life easier. There’s no lawn our equipment can’t help you tackle, quickly and easily.

Our selection includes a range of lawnmowers, from your standard petrol rotary lawnmower for tidying up your grass to more heavy-duty options like the rough cut mower for making short work of any brambles and pesky resilient weeds. Once you’ve got the lawn in ship shape, run over it with one of our lawn scarifiers to help remove any moss or impacted debris to help your new lush greenery flourish.

lawn care tools image

Weed out unwanted guests

It’s easy to let unwanted guests plant their roots in your garden when it’s cold and wet outside, but now it’s time to let them know that they’ve outstayed their welcome. We’re talking about nettles, thistles, moss, and any other plants that aren’t supposed to be there. Some weeds may look harmless, even dare we say it, pleasant, but especially with the warmer weather on the way, some can quickly take over your garden if left undealt with. By removing these invasive species, you can create a healthier and more beautiful outdoor space.

If you’re planning to do some weeding, then we’ve got just the tool for you. Our powered weed brush is perfect for getting rid of weeds, mould and mildew on your paving stones. You can walk behind this push along cleaner, which is designed to remove weeds, moss and debris without the use of harsh chemicals or even water! The hydraulic mechanism of the brush’s head allows for clockwise and anticlockwise rotation, and the angled bristles make it easy to get into corners and hard-to-reach places.

When it comes to the rest of your garden, we suggest steering clear of any strong pesticides where kids and pets are concerned and settling in for a day to dig up any pesky weeds by hand. However, if you do want to take the route of spraying the weeds away our backpack sprayer makes it efficient, quick and as safe as possible.

Set the stage for your blooms

Everyone wants to get stuck in with the planting, but it’s essential to take a few steps to make sure your garden is in top form so your new bulbs and flowers have the best chance of flourishing. April is the perfect time to start planting your hardy annual flowers like marigolds, cornflowers, and sweet peas, as well as a slew of fruit and veg like potatoes, strawberries, carrots, lettuce, raspberries and more. You want to wait until the weather is mild. Obviously, if there’s a forecasted frost coming (which, let’s be honest, in the UK, that’s hardly surprising), you’ll want to hold off. Generally speaking, though, provided the weather is getting slightly warmer and a few sunny days are starting to peep through the April showers – you should be all good to go!

Cordless Garden Shears

These are just a few jobs you can be getting on with. If you liked our gardening tips, we have plenty more where that came from and all the equipment you’ll need to get the job done swiftly without any hassle! We’ve been providing quality equipment and tool hire services to the DIY and trade sectors for more than 50 years here at Smiths Hire. Operating from 16 tool hire depots across the North West and Yorkshire, including several major cities like Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds. So if you need any help or advice, we’re never too far away! Or if you’d prefer you can give our friendly team a call on 0333 323 2100!