Top 3 portable hire lights for brightening your work environment

Looking for robust and reliable portable hire lights to brighten your work environment? Check out our top three hire lights that are robust and reliable, and energy efficient!

At Smiths Hire, we know how important it is to have the right lighting equipment on your worksite, especially when it comes to working during low-light conditions. That’s why we offer a wide range of Site Lighting solutions that are designed to improve efficiency and safety!

Whether you need portable lighting that’s versatile and simple to move around or powerful lighting towers that offer superior illumination, our tool hire services have got you covered! So, with that in mind, let’s explore our top three lighting solutions, which will help you choose the perfect fit for visibility and streamline operations on your worksite – let’s shed some light on the situation!

Portable, reliable and versatile lighting

Our top recommendation for on-site lighting is the Elite LED 110V 16A Double Light. This high-quality LED stand light is designed to withstand the rigours of any job site with its robust and precise construction. Its energy efficiency sets it apart from traditional halogen lights, featuring two 50-watt LED heads that provide bright white light. With an impressive 120-degree light spread, this double light offers exceptional visibility and is easy to set up with a 16A 110V plug (which we offer with the light free of charge).

This light isn’t only for our outdoor work either; it’s versatile and can easily be used to shed some light on indoor work! So, whether you’re working indoors or outdoors, the Elite LED solution provides reliable and efficient lighting, ensuring maximum task visibility. Illuminate your worksite anytime with confidence using the Elite LED 110V 16A Double Light!

Long-lasting illumination

Are you looking for a long-lasting, durable light that can keep up with your workload? If the answer is yes, the Smith Light Battery Operated Site Light is the light for you! This portable LED light is equipped with a single-sided light head and built from materials like ABS and polycarbonate, making it incredibly safe and durable.

With adjustable height and a tilting capability of up to 60 degrees, this piece of equipment offers flexibility for targeted lighting wherever you may need it on-site. What’s more, it emits little to no heat, allowing you to work in close proximity to the light head without any discomfort – which is great for working in smaller spaces.

The Smith Light also features an integral battery charger, low battery alarm, and main on/off switch, all of which contribute to its prolonged battery life. To make it even better, the shock-absorbing rubber base is compatible with various mounting brackets, adding versatility, while the rubber-sealed lid provides protection in challenging environments!

Turn on the big light

Our third and final pick is for those bigger tasks that need a little more oomph than your standard portable light. Introducing the 9.0m Halide Lighting Tower, an exceptional lighting solution that’s designed to cater to a host of environments and situations. It’s equipped with four powerful 1000W metal halide floodlights, offering the ultimate illumination while featuring a timer and darkness sensor for automatic start and stop, promoting fuel efficiency and ensuring minimised operating costs!

This machine stands at an impressive height of 9m; it’s perfect for illuminating second-story buildings, outdoor events, and construction sites. Not only that, but it’s also road-towable, and the quick set-up time of less than 30 seconds makes it convenient and flexible. The combined generator provides a lasting source of reliable power for extended use, so you won’t have to worry about rushing your work. Also, its 360° rotation capability allows you to direct the light in the exact direction you need, making it ideal for roadwork and sight lighting, too.

At Smiths Hire, we offer a wide range of tool hire solutions to help you brighten up your work environment, whether it’s a large warehouse, a building site, or something else entirely! We’ve only scratched the surface with our top three suggestions, so if you’d like to check out everything we have to offer, head over to our Power and Lighting page! 

All of our lighting units are designed to provide optimal illumination, even in the darkest conditions, so that you can carry on working safely. You can visit us at any of our 16 depots across the North West and Yorkshire, including major cities like ManchesterLiverpool, and Leeds. Alternatively, if you’d like some assistance picking out the ideal lighting solution for you, give our friendly team of experts a call at 0330 822 3992. We’ll be happy to help you find exactly what you need to get the job done!