Ground Compaction Machinery

Wacker Plate Hire

Wacker Plate Hire

We have a vast Wacker Plate Hire range, perfect for compacting hardcore, sand, or gravel. Useful for both commercial and DIY projects of all sizes.

Electric Vibrating Plates

Petrol Wacker Platess

Diesel Reversible Wacker Plates

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Roller Hire (Single & Ride-on)

Roller Hire (Single & Ride-on)

We have a vast Roller Hire range available, a variety of single drum, ride on and vibrating rollers. Machines of the highest quality to ensure you have everything required to get the job done.

Single Drum Rollers & Accessories 

Ride-on Tandem Rollers 


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Trench Rammer Hire

Trench Rammer Hire

Our Trench Rammer hire can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. The perfect piece of equipment for compacting areas of loose ground/gravel.

2 Stroke Trench Rammers

4 Stroke Trench Rammers

80mm 4 Stroke Trench Rammers

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