Our guide to garden power tools

From lawnmowers to trimmers, here are all the essential garden power tools you’ll need to keep your garden in pristine condition this summer!

Now that summer is in (somewhat) full swing, your gardening schedule is probably following suit, right? Because of the frequency, you’ll now be out and about in the garden, keeping everything looking great so you can capitalise on the few and far between sunny spells with a BBQ or some well-deserved sunbathing. Not having the ideal power tools for the job can make it seem laborious and tedious at times, and while maintaining an entire garden can be a labour, it should be a labour of love that you enjoy tending to! 

That’s where we come in; whether you’re keeping the lawn in check, dealing with any felled trees by turning them into next year’s wood, or just undertaking some general DIY like fixing up your fence or your decking, we have everything you need for a smooth gardening experience within our tool hire range. Our team of experts is always ready to assist you in choosing the right tools for your specific needs. But, if you’re unsure of what you need or even why you need it, don’t worry; that’s why we’ve put together our handy garden power tool guide! Let’s jump in.

Garden power tools – the essentials

At Smiths Hire, we have a wide variety of gardening tools covering everything from lawn care to wood chipping – but there’s a core selection of classic tools that every avid gardener needs in their arsenal, and that’s what we’re going to take a look at now.

The lawnmower

This tool is pretty standard for even the least experienced gardener. If you’ve got grass, you need a lawnmower to keep up with the growth, which happens pretty quickly during summer, as we’re sure you’re already painfully aware of.

However, like most things, it’s not as simple as turning up to the shop and buying the first one you see; there are different types suited to different environments. And if you don’t fancy having a large machine taking up space in your shed or garage 12 months of the year, you can hire one from us, use it for as long as you need, and then send it back!

For the average homeowner, we’d suggest our petrol rotary lawnmower. It’s perfect for residential use because it is designed to mow medium-sized lawns up to 1200m² effortlessly. It has a single-speed drive that allows you to mow without having to actively push, making it ideal for steep lawns. The foldable handlebars and super-soft grip provide a compact storage solution and extra comfort. Plus, the central cutting height adjustment lever allows for quick and easy adjustments that you’ll get the hang of in no time!

Hedge trimmers and grass trimmers

Hedge trimmers and grass trimmers are must-have tools for maintaining a pristine garden, especially when it comes to your lawns. The bushes, trees, and any growth that you can’t get at with your lawnmower will also need to be kept on top of. A Hedge trimmer will ensure that your hedges or shrubs are well-shaped, and can help you to tame any unruly tree branches.

Grass trimmers (or strimmers, as they’re also known) are perfect for edging lawns and reaching into tight spaces like around your fence or the base of trees. They’re also great for precise trimming around flower beds, paths, and garden features when a little more care and control is needed!

women with petrol grass trimmer

A power washer

A power washer, or a pressure washer as they’re also known, is a game-changer when it comes to maintaining pathways, decking, fencing, walls, and flagstones. It not only speeds up the cleaning process but also makes it more satisfying – which makes it feel like less of a chore! What’s more, you can also use a power washer to restore to its former glory any dirty garden furniture that’s been left out in the rain for a bit too long. This compact and easy-to-use tool is incredibly versatile; just remember to check the manufacturer’s recommendations before using a power washer on surfaces such as stone flooring, fencing, or decking to make sure you’re good to go!

A chainsaw

Chainsaws might not first come to mind when you think about garden tool essentials, but they’re actually convenient to have, especially for felling small trees, cutting firewood, and even general landscaping and maintenance tasks. With the proper precautions and PPE in place, like a chainsaw safety kit, chainsaws can be versatile tools for keeping your garden and property in good shape. We’ve got a variety of chainsaws to choose from here at Smiths Hire, from telescopic options that can reach branches up to 5m high to petrol and electric options, so you can find exactly what you need!

So, if you’re on a mission to keep your garden in shape this summer, look no further than Smiths Hire for all your garden power tool needs! We have been providing our exceptional tool hire services across the North West and Yorkshire region for over 50 years! Plus, all of our 17 tool hire depots, including in major cities like Manchester, Liverpool, and Leeds, are conveniently located near you, so you never have to go too far for what you need. Got any questions? Our friendly team is waiting to answer them; just give us a call on 0330 822 3992!