Simplify your event setup with these access hire solutions

Simplify your event set-up with access hire. From cherry pickers to scissor lifts, here’s how our tool hire solutions can help you streamline your event.

It’s the most wonderful time of year, and no, we don’t mean Christmas – it’s event season! Whether it’s a music festival, food festival, parade or something else entirely, the summer is packed full of fun and exciting outings for the whole family. However, when you’re on the other side of events, and you’re in charge of organising the setup and pack down, there is a little more (or a lot more) that goes into it, and it can be a stressful and demanding job.

Don’t worry though, we have just the thing to make your event set-up seamless and easy: access hire! At Smiths Hire, we have over 50 years of tool hire experience behind us, and we have one of the UK’s largest powered access equipment fleets available for hire. Better still, we can provide nationwide next-day delivery! So, no matter what you need for your event set-up, we’ve got you covered. He’s a few of the access hire solutions we have to help you streamline your event set up.

Aim higher with our selection of cherry pickers

If you’re setting up an event, cherry pickers are handy pieces of equipment to have at your disposal. Whether you’re looking for a trailer-mounted or towable cherry picker, spider lift, or boom lift, they are the perfect tools for safely manoeuvring at heights, which is ideal for setting up lighting and sound rigs, stages, and any high-up décor. What’s more, cherry pickers can help you save time and human resources. Unlike ladders or scaffolding, which are excellent tools when working at smaller heights, cherry pickers offer a greater sense of stability when it comes to working platforms. They come with robust guardrails, and workers must wear a harness for extra safety, minimising the risk of accidents or falls during setup.

Master event set up with our mast hire

Mast lifts are another excellent solution for event setup because they’re versatile and compact. It is ideal if you need to get into tighter areas where a larger machine, like a cherry picker, wouldn’t reach or fit. You can use them indoors or outdoors, and they’re great for reaching medium-level heights. At Smiths hire, we have vertical mast lifts both under 10m and over 10m so you can choose the perfect machine for your job. They also make it easy to set up lights, signs, and decorations without taking up a lot of space. They’re quick to set up, which saves time for any last-minute tweaks to setup or quick fixes during the event. Plus, they’re easy to use and have safety features like guardrails to keep everyone safe.

Slice set up time in half with our scissor lift hire

When it comes to event setup, scissor lifts offer a range of unique advantages, with a strong focus on capacity and load-bearing capabilities. These lifts have excellent vertical reach, enabling event staff to efficiently access high areas and perform tasks such as rigging lights, hanging decorations, and installing audio-visual equipment. At Smiths Hire, we have a variety of scissor lifts to choose from, all at varying heights, starting from 5.6m all the way up to 28m in reach.

Their large, stable platforms can comfortably, and most importantly safely, accommodate multiple workers and heavy equipment simultaneously, enhancing productivity and ensuring safety. This feature allows for more efficient handling of equipment and materials during event setup, ultimately streamlining the process and improving safety measures.

JLG 2646ES Scissor Lift (WH 9.92m)

Powered access equipment isn’t all we offer for events either. At Smiths hire, we take great pride in providing our customers with a turnkey solution to events set up, to ensure you can seamlessly build your event, and keep your guests safe and comfortable throughout the duration. We’ve recently posted another blog on our event hire solutions, which covers everything from portable toilet hire to lighting if you’d like to see what else we offer!

If you have any questions about our events access hire range or anything else we offer for events, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 0333 323 2100. We’ll be happy to see how we can help!