How to choose the right chainsaw for your project

Here’s why choosing the right chainsaw is important, whether you’re a DIYer, a professional, or just looking to tidy up your garden. Our guide will show you how to select the one for you!

Chainsaws are incredibly versatile tools that are great for a variety of garden tasks, from routine tree maintenance to chopping up firewood. Whether you’re a professional tree surgeon, someone with a passion for gardening, or you are just looking to keep your garden looking its best, a chainsaw is an essential piece of equipment to have in your arsenal.

Choosing the right chainsaw for your project is essential to ensure safety, efficiency, and the results that you’re looking for. At Smiths Hire, we have a number of chainsaws available for tool hire, all ideally suited to different jobs in and around the garden. If you’re looking to hire a chainsaw but you’re unsure which of our models is best suited for the job, look no further!

The DIYers chainsaw – Heavy Duty Electric Chainsaw

If you’re looking for a reliable all-rounder chainsaw, the STIHL Heavy Duty Electric Chainsaw is the one for the job! This corded electric chainsaw is perfect for cutting firewood, trimming your trees, DIY, and more – both indoors and outdoors, too. It’s versatile enough to handle different projects, but keep in mind that it’s not recommended to use it on a ladder or unstable support for your safety!

Before using it, make sure to read the safety sheet and wear proper protective gear, which conveniently comes with the chainsaw. The best part about this durable chainsaw is that it doesn’t require any fuel or engine maintenance, making it an easy and cost-effective solution for your wood-chopping needs. This chainsaw is ideal if you need to undertake the occasional bit of DIY or turn that fallen tree in your garden into next year’s firewood supply.

The best of both worlds – the Heavy Duty Petrol Chainsaw

Much like the STIHL Heavy Duty Electric Chainsaw, the STIHL Heavy Duty Petrol Chainsaw is the perfect tool for domestic users, but an added benefit of this chainsaw is that it’s also a great piece of kit for trade professionals, too! With its compact and lightweight build, it’s optimised for enhanced efficiency and ease of use with side-mounted chain tensioning.

The STIHL Heavy Duty Petrol Chainsaw also produces minimal vibrations, ensuring a comfortable user experience while reducing the risk of conditions like Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). Whether you’re cutting logs for the fireplace, maintaining your garden, or feeling smaller trees, this chainsaw offers versatility and power. One important thing to note about this chainsaw, however, is that it’s not suitable for work above shoulder height or on insecure supports.

The gardeners go-to – Petrol Telescopic Chainsaw

The STIHL Petrol Telescopic Chainsaw is an excellent solution for reaching high branches on trees without having to climb or break out the ladders. Designed with safety in mind, this lengthy chainsaw allows you to keep your feet firmly on the ground while you’re chopping at trees and high branches. Telescopic Chainsaws are specifically designed for getting rid of overhanging branches, keeping your trees in the right shape and generally any overhead tree maintenance. They’re lightweight and mighty, making them perfect for any grounds maintenance, orchards, and professional tree maintenance. Not only that, this particular chainsaw also has low vibrations, meaning that you won’t have to worry about annoying the neighbours when you’re using it. Just be wary of not standing directly under any falling wood.

When it comes to using a chainsaw, safety should always be the top priority (as it should be with any power tool!). It’s essential to go through the safety guides that we provide with all of our tools, hire equipment carefully, and ensure that you’re always wearing the proper protective gear before operation. This way, you can stay safe while getting your projects over the line!

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