Cutting and Grinding

Angle Grinder Hire

Angle Grinder Hire

Smiths Hire have a selection of electric Angle Grinder models available to hire with or without a wet cutting kit., from 100mm to 350mm thickness.

Wall Grinder

Angle Grinder

Cordless Angle Grinder

Hire Angle Grinders
Masonry Cutting Tool Hire

Masonry Cutting Tool Hire

View our Masonry Saw Hire - we know that masonry cutting can be tough work and expensive. But not with the tools Smiths Hire have available on fleet! By hiring our Masonry Cutting Tools you can make any cutting job easier and less costly.

Masonry Saws (Petrol / Electric)

Masonry Floor Saws

Wall Chasers

Saw Benches (Petrol / Electric)

Hire Masonry Saws
Metal Cutting Equipment

Metal Cutting Equipment

Metal cutting is something that just can't be done without the right Metal Cutting Equipment. Luckily Smiths Hire have the right tool for the job.

Metal Cutting Bench Saws

Metal Cutting Circular Saws

Bolt Croppers


Rebar Cutting Tool

Hire Metal Cutting Equipment
Stone Splitter Hire

Stone Splitter Hire

The Stone Splitter Hire from Smiths Hire offers a great portable piece of equipment for the re sizing of stone/blocks. They are an ideal companion on any paving job.

Hydraulic Block Splitters

Stone Splitters 

Hire Stone Splitters
Tile Cutter Hire

Tile Cutter Hire

Our Tile Cutter Hire products have the equipment you need to cut through ceramic and masonry materials.

Bridge Saw Tile Cutters

Diamond Tile Table Saws

Masonry Bridge Saws

Hand Tile Cutters

Hire Tile Cutters
Cable Cutting Tool Hire

Cable Cutting Tool Hire

Our Cable Cutting Tools & Crimper Hire are ideal for crimping & cutting cables. These essential hand-held tools are used by engineers. As well as mechanics and electricians.

Cable Cutting Tools

Cable Crimping Tools

Hire Cable Cutters & Crimper Equipment
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