Battery Powered Husqvarna K1 PACE Cut Saw (12″ / 300mm blade)

Husqvarna introduce “a breakthrough in the market for power cutters” with their next generation battery power cutter –  the Battery Powered Husqvarna K1 PACE Cut Saw (12″ / 300mm blade). An increasing number of construction companies are striving for carbon-neutral workplaces. Therefore, Husqvarna feel a responsibility to contribute towards greater sustainability.

Husqvarna K1 PACE high power battery cutter has the power and performance you expect from equivalent petrol-powered cutters.

Equipped with X-Halt® brake function for enhanced operator safety, capable of stopping the rotation of the blade in fractions of a second.

Ergonomic and user-friendly with low vibrations, optimally balanced machine and zero direct emissions. With built-in connectivity so you can easily monitor machine location, runtime and service intervals. Along with the facility to receive wireless updates through FOTA (firmware over the air).

Powered by the Husqvarna PACE battery system with high power and fast charging for impressive productivity. Along with a well-suited match with our specially designed battery blade range for maximised cutting depth and optimised performance.

The Husqvarna K1 PACE is suitable for concrete pipes, concrete garden plates, cinder blocks etc.

Husqvarna K1 PACE Features:

  • High performance power cutter
  • Integrated gearbox for higher torque
  • Provides zero direct emissions
  • Lower vibrations
  • Integrated wet cutting system
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly
  • Smart battery placement
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Efficient brushless motor
  • Built-in connectivity
  • Perfect balance
  • Anti-vibration system

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  • Full Specification

  • Product Code
  • Cutting depth max.
  • Blade diameter max.
  • Arbor diameter
  • Blade thickness max.
  • Peripheral speed max.
  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Sound pressure level (at operators ear)
    101.9 dB(A)
  • Vibrations left/front handle
  • Vibrations right/rear handle

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Battery Powered Husqvarna K1 PACE Cut Saw (12″ / 300mm blade) in action