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Cordless Insulation Saw

The Cordless Insulation Saw from Festool is ideal no matter whether freehand or guided with guide rail and stop system, whether working on roofing, scaffolding or flooring. Whether you are working with insulating material made of mineral fibres, natural fibres or PUR insulating boards – the ISC 240 impresses with its mobility, versatility and efficiency,… Read more »

Cordless Insulation Saw

Husqvarna K4000 Cut-n-Break (Electric)

The Husqvarna K4000 Cut-n-Break (Electric) Power Cutter is the ideal choice when you need to cut deep but want a machine with low tool and maintenance costs. The Husqvarna K4000 Cut-n-Break enables you to cut as deep as 400 mm from one side. Suitable for flush cutting close to walls and floors as well as… Read more »

Electric Vibrating Plate

Our Electric Vibrating Plate by Belle is lightweight and durable.  At 110V the electric wacker plate has low hand-arm vibration and high-performance compaction. Designed with an eco-friendly electric motor for use indoors and in poorly ventilated areas.

Cordless Circular Metal Cutting Saw

The Cordless Metal Cutting Saw, featuring compact and lightweight design for high manoeuvrability and easy handling, maximum cutting depth of 51mm and a long life motor with replaceable carbon brushes. It is powered by 18V Li-ion battery, meaning a safer and more convenient use with no cords to worry about. Product Features: Electric brake LED… Read more »

Hilti TE3000 30kg Heavy-Duty Breaker

Our TE3000 electric road breaker for hire is simple to transport and easy to use. This heavy-duty electric road breaker for hire is ideal for digging and tamping in earthwork, breaking concrete in demolition, repair work and pipe laying.

Hilti TE1000 10kg Breaker

The Hilti TE1000 10kg electric concrete breaker for hire boasts high performance and anti-vibration technology. Ideal for removing tiles, demolishing concrete and masonry, as well as for the renovations of floors of different materials.

Hilti TE700 7kg Breaker

Hire a Hilti TE700 7kg Electric Breaker from Smiths Hire for use on window and door openings, stubborn tiles from bathroom walls or removing old plaster. The TE700 is also ideal for chiseling pipe work in concrete foundations, and providing demolition on masonry and brick materials.

Hilti TE500 5kg Breaker

Hilti TE500 5kg Breaker is ideal for jobs ranging from home improvement to heavy duty construction and foundation work. Whether it’s removing stubborn tiles from your bathroom walls or chiselling a pipe work channel in tough concrete foundations.

110V Electric Floor Planer

For levelling, cleaning and keying concrete surfaces using a variety of graded grinding stones and wire brushes. Large diameter wheels for excellent mobility and stability Monocoque construction is rigid, strong and accurate Screw type raise and lower control Firm engine mounting plate Front wheels protected from debris

Concrete Mixer (Electric) 240v 1/2 Bag

Our portable tip-up 240V concrete mixer is ideal for all small to medium building projects. The mini 240v cement mixer has been designed specifically to be lightweight and portable. The mixer takes a full barrow load and can hold up to half a bag at a time.

Concrete Mixer (Electric) 110v 1/2 Bag

Here at Smiths Hire, we have a great range of electric concrete cement mixers. Our portable tip up 110v electric concrete mixer is suitable for all small to medium sized building projects. Designed specifically to be both lightweight and portable, this electric cement mixer is easy to use. Not only is it easy to manoeuvre but… Read more »

Electric Saw Bench

The powerful Electric Saw Bench – 356mm (14″) from Smiths Hire is used to cut bricks, blocks, large tiles and slabs. The side-mounted cutting arm and blade gives “straight through” cutting capacity for long materials. This robust bench is built to be portable for ease of use and transportation. Electric Saw Bench Features: Used for… Read more »

STIHL Cordless Masonry Saw – 230mm / 9″

This STIHL Cordless Masonry Saw (TSA 230) is the first battery-powered cut-off machine with a 9″ / 230 mm cutting wheel, and it is particularly light and small at only 3.9 kg (without battery). Emission-free cordless technology ensures clean work, both indoors and outdoors. The standard-fitted water connection and optimal accessories for attaching to a… Read more »

Electric Handheld Cement Mixer / Stirrer

Electric Handheld Cement Mixer / Stirrers – designed to handle construction materials such as prefab plaster, gypsum, lime, concrete, cement, insulation materials and insolvents of medium to high viscosity up to 50 kg batches.  

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