Last-minute Summer jobs to get done before Autumn

With the end of summer quickly approaching and the warm sunny days coming to an end, now is the perfect time to get those last-minute gardening jobs done before the start of Autumn.

With the end of summer quickly approaching and the warm sunny days coming to an end, now is the perfect time to get those last-minute gardening jobs done before the start of Autumn. Many of us will agree that we get great joy from pottering around our gardens, although there is no denying that keeping your garden in tip-top condition requires year-round effort.

After a few months of planting, potting, strimming, and cutting you may think that your weekends of hard work in the garden are over. Although, we recommend not hanging up your gardening gloves just yet, as there is always a long list of gardening jobs to get done to ensure your garden is prepared for the long Autumn months ahead. 

As with most big tasks, we recommend taking your garden step-by-step, to ensure that you don’t feel too overwhelmed and still enjoy the last of the summer sun. Our expert team of gardening experts has compiled a list of tasks to complete over the next couple of weekends.  

Trim your hedges

Hedge trimmer hire:

We advise trimming hedges at the end of summer as the baby birds have already flown the nest and it will enable them to stay looking tidy throughout the autumn and winter months. Here at Smiths Hire, we have a wide range of electric and petrol hedge trimmers available for hire, that make this task a breeze. Our powerful trimmer means that you can easily cut through conifer, low growing or large evergreen hedges.  

De-weed the garden

Grass trimmer hire:

Although this may not be the most exciting task, the more you weed now the better your garden will look later on in the year. Weeding can often be time-consuming but requires little effort, making it one of the easier gardening jobs. We recommend hiring one of our brush cutters for those large weeds and for the smaller ones a gardening hoe will do the job. When removing weeds it is important to ensure that you remove the roots of the plant to avoid future regrowth.


Aerate the lawn

The process of aerating your lawn involves mechanically removing small plugs of thatch and soil from the lawn to improve its natural aeration. This step helps to keep your lawn looking healthier and can help to reduce future maintenance requirements further down the line. Some of the main benefits of lawn aeration are stronger roots, reduced soil compaction, improved water uptake and reduced water puddling. Our lawn aerators are available for hire and are easy to use, meaning that you can keep your lawn in peak condition. 

Strim long grass, weeds or undergrowth 

This can be one of the more daunting tasks, due to the fact that long grass and weeds can quickly overtake a garden, especially in the summer if left to its own devices. Hiring a reliable and powerful strimmer can be the difference between spending days and spending hours on the task. Our lightweight strimmer can quickly help to tidy up undergrowth, weeds and long grass making the garden look tidier in a matter of minutes. 

Get rid of garden waste 

Equipment such as chippers and shredders can make getting rid of garden waste easy, due to their ability to shred vast quantities of waste safely. Any branches from pruned trees or hedges are able to be broken up into wood chips that can then be used elsewhere within the garden for borders. As this equipment can be bulky and is often only used a handful of times a year we recommend saving that space in your shed and hiring one with Smiths Hire.

Split logs

Gone are the days of having to split logs by hand, instead now our portable log splitters are able to make light work of this labour-intensive task. Any trees that have been logged during land clearance or branches using some of our chainsaws that have been pruned make great firewood. 

To find out more information about any of the equipment mentioned in our blogs or for advice from one of our experienced team members, please get in touch today. If you would like to hire any of our equipment, click the live chat below.