ECO Site Accommodation

Armorgard CuttingCube

The CuttingCube: a purpose-built, portable unit, which contains dust and slurry, and reduces the noise pollution created when cutting masonry on site. Prioritising the safety and efficiency of both workers and projects, the CuttingCube has quickly established itself as best practice.  Featuring an easy-empty sump to contain the slurry, as well as durable, washable acoustic… Read more »

armorgard cuttingcube

Armorgard CuttingStation Xtract (Extraction system)

The ever-popular Armorgard CuttingStation Xtract is a neat, mobile workstation that eliminates the need for a separate cutting room and is essential for safely cutting lengths, such as conduit, timber, cable tray and pipe. Improvements to the CuttingStation include new lighting, chamfered corners to further reduce noise and a new expandable working area to accommodate mitre… Read more »

Armorgard CuttingStation Xtract

Armorgard Powerstation

The Armorgard Powerstation offers a secure powered locker for safe, segregated battery charging. Power tools and mobile devices are especially vulnerable to theft when being charged on site. Armorgard’s secure battery charging locker bank allows you to charge your equipment unattended, confident in the knowledge that it is safe from thieves. Specially designed for charging… Read more »

Stand Alone Toilet Block

The Stand Alone Toilet Blocks available in a 2+1 and 3+1 configuration; are the perfect solution for site sanitation. These toilets are compliant with current CDM regulations and include both urinals and basins. Hot water and PIR operated LED lighting is included within the units which are also steel constructed, ensuring that they are robust in… Read more »

Solar Drying Room

The Solar Drying Room is a pioneering alternative to traditional high energy consumption drying rooms on site. This unit has been designed to be fully self-contained and requires no ancillary power. The unit operates autonomously and independently of mains or generator power. These features allow other units on site to be powered from a lower power rated… Read more »

Eco Site Accommodation Cabins (10′ – 32′)

Our range of Eco Site Accommodation Cabins have been designed to save both CO2 and money (when compared with standard site accommodation ranges). These cabins utilise recycled materials as well as energy-efficient appliances and increased volumetric space. In addition, each one can be configured to suit the needs of the client. For example, split offices,… Read more »

Solar Loo 2

The Solar Loo 2 is a fully self-contained and free-standing 2-person portable toilet unit that provides hot running water, heated interior and an odourless clean freshwater flush. No chemicals and no need for mains utility connections. All of the Solar Loo 2 units are fitted with PIR sensors which activate LED lighting both inside and out,… Read more »

Solar Loo – Single Cubicle

The Solar Loo; designed and built in the UK, these solar powered toilet units are self-contained and up to 96% CO2 efficient. The roof mounted solar PV panel converts sunlight into electricity which is stored in a battery bank and powers the energy saving LED lighting. The efficient LPG gas boiler supplies hot water on demand… Read more »

Eco Drying Cabinet

The Eco Drying Cabinet is extremely energy-efficient with a low energy consumption of only 3.0kWh and an extensive 8kg capacity, this innovation means you can dry great amounts of clothes in an incredibly short time, with program times starting at just 42 minutes. This is equipped with the Humidity Tracking System (HTS), which measures the level of humidity every… Read more »

Battery Charging Bank (11 door 240v)

Battery Charging Bank (11 door 240v) for charging Power Tool Batteries. They are also known as a Power station or Battery Bank. It has been designed to provide a safe environment for charging power tool batteries. A patented 11 door locker system with 20 13 Amp protected power points and MCB protectected. Helps to tidy… Read more »

Battery Charging
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