Masonry Saws

Husqvarna K4000 Cut-n-Break (Electric)

The Husqvarna K4000 Cut-n-Break (Electric) Power Cutter is the ideal choice when you need to cut deep but want a machine with low tool and maintenance costs. The Husqvarna K4000 Cut-n-Break enables you to cut as deep as 400 mm from one side. Suitable for flush cutting close to walls and floors as well as… Read more »

Petrol Masonry Saws (Cutquick Saws)

Our Petrol Masonry Saws from STIHL are powerful machines that are almost legendary for their quick, convenient, portable cutting capabilities. Available in 3 sizes; 12″, 14″ & 16″; they are compact and robust, with built in performance and durability as standard. Ideal for cutting through stone, concrete, brickwork and masonry materials.

Stihl TS800 Petrol Masonry Saw

STIHL Cordless Masonry Saw – 230mm / 9″

This STIHL Cordless Masonry Saw (TSA 230) is the first battery-powered cut-off machine with a 9″ / 230 mm cutting wheel, and it is particularly light and small at only 3.9 kg (without battery). Emission-free cordless technology ensures clean work, both indoors and outdoors. The standard-fitted water connection and optimal accessories for attaching to a… Read more »

Husqvarna K 760 Cut-n-Break

The Husqvarna K 760 Cut-n-Break enables you to cut as deep as 400mm from one side. The two high-speed blades make a core in the saw cut, which can then easily be broken off using the accompanying breaking tool. This way you easily work your way through the material, at a very low diamond tool… Read more »

EVOSAW230 Industrial Circular Saw 230mm

The EVOSAW230 Circular Saw is of Industrial quality with a 230mm Blade. It will cut steel without heat, burrs or coolant and with optional blades cut is capable of cutting Stainless Steel, Aluminium & Wood. Equipped with a Laser Sight System, which is intended as a guide. INDUSTRIAL QUALITY The EVOSAW230 is robust and highly… Read more »

Circular Saw

Arbortech AS175 Brick & Mortar Saw 110V/240V

The Arbortech AS175 is engineered to significantly improve safety and efficiency when cutting brick walls, mortar and more. It is capable of cutting square, deep and with precision. It is ideal for Trade Professionals and DIY Enthusiasts, with a number of specialised blade options for specialised applications. Product Features: Interchangeable blades offer precise cutting in… Read more »

Arbortech AS175

Masonry Bridge Saw (1000mm cut)

The 350mm 110V Masonry Bridge Saw (1000mm cut length) is a robust, strongly made bridge saw. Which has been specifically designed and developed to perform a multitude of cutting applications. Ideal for a wide variety of building materials including large floor and wall tiles, roof tiles and natural stone. As well as masonry materials, concrete… Read more »

masonry bridge saw

Pressurised Water Container for Cut Saw

This Pressurised Water Container for Cut Saw provides a mobile water supply and ensures clean, wet cutting without dust build up. No need for an external water connection. With recessed grip and stable base. Extended operating time on each full tank, increased working pressure and optimised water flow. Large filling funnel with cover. Pressure limit… Read more »

STIHL Pressurised Water Container for Cut Saw

STIHL Cut Saw Cart c/w Water Tank

The STIHL Cut Saw Cart is specially designed for use with STIHL cut saw machines when cutting expansion cuts or curbs and a wheeled tool is necessary. This cart offers improved handling and cutting performance with a forward weight orientation and a toolless quick connect system. The cart also features a large deflector as well… Read more »

STIHL Cut Saw Cart
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