Woodworking Saw Hire

Mitre Saws

Power Mitre Saws are designed to make angled cuts for moulding and trim work. As well as other general carpentry applications. The saw also make straight crosscuts. The versatility of a mitre saw is an important part of a tool kit for professional carpenters as well as DIYers.

Mitre Saws

Bench Saws

Bench Saws also known as table saws; cut straighter lines and make smoother cuts on small and long boards. DIY projects that require a bench saw usually require a more precise cut than handheld or machine saws. Serious woodworkers and crafters alike can make use of this versatile power tool.

Bench Saws

Cordless Insulation Saw

The Cordless Insulation Saw from Festool is ideal no matter whether freehand or guided with guide rail and stop system, whether working on roofing, scaffolding or flooring. Whether you are working with insulating material made of mineral fibres, natural fibres or PUR insulating boards – the ISC 240 impresses with its mobility, versatility and efficiency,… Read more »

Cordless Insulation Saw

Circular Saws

Circular Saws (Various Sizes Available) are ideal for making quick, clean straight cuts in timber, plywood, blockboard, MDF and chipboard. These saws are a more convenient, portable hand-held alternative to using a Mitre saw. Do not waste time setting anything up, simply plug one of Smiths circular saws into an electric outlet and you are… Read more »

Reciprocating Saws

Reciprocating saws can handle most sheet materials from wood and plastic to plasterboard and metal. When you need to cut curves away from the edge of a sheet, this is where reciprocating saws come into their own. They are even useful for plumbing projects where a conventional pipe cutter would be inadequate.

18V Reciprocating Saw


A 14V – 24V Jigsaw is your best option when you need a quick reliable way of cutting curves in wood, plastic or even mild sheet metal materials. Jigsaws are very versatile in that you can quickly swap the blade without the use of tools so you can change from cutting one material to another.


Door Trimming Saw

Door Trimming Saw – 110V – Door trimmers can be used for more than just trimming doors without having to take them off the hinges. They can also be used for trimming door frames, cutting joints between boards/blocks and even cutting expansion joints.

110V Door Trimming Saw

Bow Saw

Saw with a narrow blade stretched like a bowstring on a light frame.

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