Gantry Hire/Hoists and Accessories

Porta Gantry Rapide Kit (500kg)

The Porta Gantry Rapide Kit 500Kg (Beam & Castors) is a height adjustable, foldable aluminium gantry designed for rapid deployment. It is capable of an impressive load lifting capacity of up to 500Kg. This system can be assembled and disassembled by just one person within a minute, without the need for any tools. It is… Read more »

Porta Gantry Kit (2000kg)

The Porta Gantry Kit SWL 2000kg 2.2m – 4m is a lightweight, yet highly durable and extremely strong. This portable system can be manually assembled, using just four bolts and can safely lift to 2000kg, making it ideal for multiple applications. It is a practical and safe way of lifting and lowering materials or people… Read more »

Gantry Trolley & Beam

Gantry Trollies & Beams are to be used in conjunction with an Aluminium A frame in order to make a whole Gantry unit. The Beam with the Trolley attached, are fitted to the frame, allowing for maneuverability and positioning when lifting or lowering. As part of the full unit, the Trolley & Beam are ideal… Read more »

Lever Hoist

Hand operated ratchet lever hoists are also known as pull lifts and they will lift a load. They will also pull, separate tension and hold a load. They are a very versatile piece of lifting equipment and are offered online by LiftingSafety by many manufacturers including Yale, Tiger Lifting, Kito, Hackett, Tractel, Pfaff and Ingersoll… Read more »

Beam Trolley

Allows a suspension point that can be easily moved along the length of any suitably tested beam via geared drive mechanism.

Beam Trolley SWL 2000kg

Chain Block Hoists

Smiths have a full range of Chain Block Hoists (Various Sizes / Weights Available) available. Which can be used in all environments and provide a safe means of lifting heavy factory machinery. Chain blocks must be secured to a beam capable of supporting the total SWL.

Bucket Hoist Bucket

For use with the Builder’s Gantry Or Scaffold Hoist. Types available: Gantry Hoist Scaffold Hoist Lever Hoist Hoist buckets

Scaffold Hoist

Smiths Scaffold Hoist (SWL 150kg) are used by being fixed onto lifting equipment to a runway beam suspended off scaffolding or fitted to an A frame. Smiths Gantry hoists are ideal for vertical lifting and horizontal positioning of materials. Smiths Gantry Lifts are a practical and safe way of lifting and lowering materials or people… Read more »

Beam Clamp

Beam Clamp SWL 2000kg – multi-use clamp, can be used for lifting, pulling, or as an anchor point.

Engine Crane

The Engine Crane (SWL 1000kg) is the ideal thing for all those heavy lifting jobs, Smiths powerful manual cranes are both versatile and easy to use. Ideal for use as engine cranes, they can be folded for transport and ready for use within minutes.

Engine Crane
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