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Electric Heater Hire

Electric Infrared Heater

The Electric Infrared Heaters are known for its endless success in the heating market. Clearly, this modern heating solution hasn’t lost its appeal. Its performance, maneuverability robust design make this small infrared heater perfect for use in exposed environments. Our Electric Infrared Heater is quiet won’t distract you from the project you have at hand…. Read more »

Swivel Head Infrared Electric Heater

Fan Heaters

When central heating is unavailable, it can be hard to continue with the job at hand whilst working in cold conditions. These heaters ensure that your family, employees and coworkers aren’t given the cold shoulder and kept suitably warm. Available in 2.8kW and 3.0kW models; our fan heaters are suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial… Read more »

Fan Heaters

Industrial Fan Heater

Our Industrial Fan Heater (22kW) is designed to heat small-sized industrial, commercial or residential areas. It is also suitable for heating up closed or not well-ventilated rooms, due to the fact it is electrical and without open flames or gas emissions. The perfect solution for factories, workshops and other industrial units, our 3 phase electric… Read more »

industrial fan heater 1

Ceramic Heater

The Ceramic Heater – 3kW (110v or 230v) by Elite provides a quick, convenient and portable heating solution. It is an economical heater that is very reliable and has no fan or moving parts. Our ceramic heater for rental warms up instantly, meaning your day will not be disrupted if central heating and other sources… Read more »

Electric Ceramic Heater

Convector Heater

A Convector Heater – 2.0kW (240v) provides an efficient solution to your heat requirements.  The portable heater provides large volumes of clean warm, dry air for heating individual rooms which are well insulated. They are ideal for occasional use. A Convector Heater is ideally suited to places where ventilation is limited or there is a… Read more »

Convector Heater

Oil Radiator Heater

An Oil Radiator Heater – 2kW (240v) works by using an electrical element which is submerged in a reservoir of thermal oil inside the appliance, as the oil is heated the heat is transferred to the fins of the radiator which in turn omit the heat. Our 2kW Oil Radiator Heater Radiator models feature 3… Read more »

Oil Radiator Heater
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