Convector Heater

A Convector Heater – 2.0kW (240v) provides an efficient solution to your heat requirements.  The portable heater provides large volumes of clean warm, dry air for heating individual rooms which are well insulated.

They are ideal for occasional use. A Convector Heater is ideally suited to places where ventilation is limited or there is a risk to combustible materials.

A simple to operate Convector Heater that heats your room up quickly with a 2000W heat output on full power. Ideal for office, school or residential use.

Product Features:

  • Free standing
  • Thermostatically controlled temperature
  • 3 heat settings
  • Overheat protection

To calculate the recommended wattage of heater needed, please scroll down to the table below. Please Note: All these numbers are for general information – each install will vary depending on many other factors.

Click here to view product information for the HeatStore HS2020XCN model

  • Please note images are for illustration purposes. Actual product supplied may differ
Convector Heater

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Convector Heater in action