Electric Infrared Heater

The Electric Infrared Heaters are known for its endless success in the heating market. Clearly, this modern heating solution hasn’t lost its appeal. Its performance, maneuverability robust design make this small infrared heater perfect for use in exposed environments. Our Electric Infrared Heater is quiet won’t distract you from the project you have at hand.

  • Available in 110v or 240v options

A unique, highly efficient parabolic reflector collects emits heat up to 6 metres away. As a result of the level of quality efficiency; it outperforms that of any other model on the market. The Electric Infrared Heater is the perfect solution to your business needs as they are cost-effective energy-efficient.

Product Features:

  • 1.5kw or 3kw heat output settings
  • Unique reflector design
  • Robust steel casing frame
  • Swivel head (depending on model)
  • Fitted with 4 swivel castors (2 lockable)
  • Fine mesh grill for safe use in public spaces

To calculate the recommended wattage of heater needed, please scroll down to the table below. Please Note: All these numbers are for general information – each install will vary depending on many other factors.

Add an extra element of comfort to your business with our portable heater hire.

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