ECO Lighting

Solar Hybrid Tower Light

The Solar Hybrid Tower Light is industry-leading when it comes to both Co2 and cost reduction. The eco-friendly solar hybrid tower light is one of the most innovative and sustainable lighting towers on the market. Reduce your CO2 emissions by up to 11,123 ton and fuel costs by up to £2,431 each year! The Solar… Read more »

Solar Compound Light

The solar compound light is the perfect stand-alone, off-grid lighting solution for pathways, access and egress areas, road and parking areas requiring illumination. The solar compound light has an adjustable brightness system to deliver light when needed and conserve energy when not in use. The LED light is ‘A’ rated and IP65 waterproof with a… Read more »

Baselight Eco

Baselight Eco; the portable light system that can produce 50 000 lumens with a power consumption of 420W. The innovative lens technology makes sure that all available light is placed where it is needed – on the ground. As an indication of efficiency it easily outperforms a 4x400W halogen system with about 30% more light…. Read more »

LED Floodlight

The LED Floodlight (K65 and K50 range) is the perfect portable high power, indoor and outdoor lighting solution for both task and area illumination. These units do not need to rely upon diesel generators as a primary power source. This mobile range of site lighting can be powered from: 110V and 240V mains power Ancillary battery… Read more »

ECO Solar Tower Light

The mobile eco solar tower light is powered 100% from renewable energy. The eco panels charge a sealed battery pack to produce enough power to deliver 8 hours of light, 7 days a week throughout the spring, summer and autumn months and 8 hours of light, 5 days a week throughout winter. This high efficiency,… Read more »

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