ECO Generators

Portable Power Unit

The SiteGrid X3 is a truly lightweight and portable power unit system that can deliver up to 3.6kW at peak power. The unit is a compact and efficient product for delivering power to low energy consumption assets as well as charging tools and supporting remote working devices such as radios and comms equipment.

Hybrid Generator

The Hybrid Generator – PowerCube 120 is a containerised hybrid power solution. It incorporates a diesel generator, Lithium-Ion battery pack and a high capacity bunded fuel tank. By utilising a PowerCube 120, you will benefit from a significant reduction in fuel use and emissions, such as; CO2, NOx, SO2 & PM.

Hybrid Solar Generator

This Hybrid Solar Generator – the Solartainer Versatile; has been developed to provide an off-grid power supply. It integrates renewable power and storage with diesel-power back-up. Therefore reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. This unit also reduces fuel costs by up to 500%.

Hybrid Battery Generator

This Hybrid Battery Generator – SiteGrid X45 is a three-phase 45kVA-45kW hybrid battery generator. It offers a convenient and efficient method of delivering power to any site environment without a grid connection. Whether your site needs power for lighting, a welfare cabin or simply for equipment, it will deliver power more efficiently than a generator alone.

LPG Solar Generator

The LPG Solar Generator (LPG Solartainer) utilises containerised LPG as the primary fuel source for the back-up generator. It is an eco-friendly alternative to ordinary generators, with Co2 savings of over 35% vs traditional diesel-powered generator sets of the same power output are realised.

Solar Panel (300W)

This Solar Panel (300W) can be mounted to any available space on your project including roofs and ground space. These versatile 300W Solar Panels can also be linked together to create a significant ancillary power source. Providing a reduced environmental impact and carbon footprint.

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