STIHL Service & Maintenance

Smiths Hire – Taking Care of Your Investment. Ensure that your new (or old) STIHL tools are kept tip-top by visiting any of our 16 depot locations for a service and also for any accessories and spare parts.

At Smiths Hire we are proud to provide on-going technical support for your tools

Not only have we sold and hired STIHL machines for over 50 years, but we also provide and after sales service including service any repairs needed to machines we sell in store and online. Through our network of extensively trained and certified technicians, your gear will be in the best hands possible.

Whether it’s a two-stroke, four-stroke, electric or battery powered machine, our technicians have the know-how to keep your equipment in top condition. Smiths Hire have fully equipped Regional Depots with the latest diagnostic tools to keep your machine running as it should.

As a STIHL authorised dealer we’re always happy to help with the following:

      1. Specialist Repair and Servicing – 10% Discount on your first service
      2. Warranty Repair work carried out
      3. Chain and blade sharpening
      4. We always use genuine STIHL parts

    You will not regret equipping yourself with STIHL tools form Smiths hire. We keep spare parts for a minimum of 10 years, after a product has become obsolete. It is our commitment to you, to ensure you can use your tool for many years. Buying a STIHL is a great long term investment.

    Service your new STIHL tool at home

    STIHL and VIKING power tools are designed for easy maintenance, yet an estimated 60% of users don’t bother. And that can cost money and time if your machine isn’t running efficiently or worse still, lets you down!

    STIHL Tools are built to last and with good maintenance you can extend the life even further and ensure good performance and safe operation. With our range of service kits you can do the key maintenance at home.

    Each kit contains an air filter, spark plug and fuel filter with the periodic replacement of these parts, you will get the most out of your STIHL tool for a long time. We also have short videos that explain step by step how to replace each item.

    STIHL Service Kits

    A regular service and home maintenance regime cuts fuel consumption and emissions, extends engine life and improves performance.

    Here are some simple checks to carry out at home:

    • Start by cleaning your tools. STIHL has special cleaners and solvents for the purpose.
    • Look for signs of wear or damage, and even inhabitants (engine compartments make nice nesting places).
    • Check moving parts are secure and balanced – blades and cutting tools in particular.
    • Clean spark plugs and check the gap.
    • Check sharpness of blades and lubricate.
    • Lubricate gear units and clean/replace air filters.
    • Drain any fuel over two weeks’ old. Re-fill with fresh fuel to the correct ratio.
    • To change the oil, a short burst on the engine will stir up any sediment and warm oil will flow out more easily. Turn the engine off before draining into a container for proper disposal. Re-fill before use.

    If you have any questions regarding our Service & Maintenance, please contact us on 0333 323 1899, email – or complete or contact form below and one of our team will be in touch.

    Alternatively, you can pop into any of our 16 depot locations for help and advice with your new STIHL products.

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