Forklift Truck Hire

AUSA C11M Rough Terrain Forklift

The C11M rough terrain forklift from Ausa is a powerful and price conscious lifting machine. It is highly durable, easy and inexpensive to maintain. With its 1,200Kg (2,400lbs) load capacity and lightweight, compact size, this rough terrain forklift is the perfect choice for working in tight agricultural and industrial applications. Product Features: All terrain. Cost-effective…. Read more »

rough terrain forklift

Forklift Trucks (H 3.0m/1.5t – H 6.5m/ 2.5t)

Smiths Forklifts are easy to use, low maintenance, powerful machines. Whether you are moving small lightweight boxes or heavier weights (up to 3500kg), Smiths Forklifts are the machine to use. Lifting and handling goods with a Forklift need not be an uncomfortable experience since the cab is cushioned to reduce suspension shocks and vibrations. Arm Extensions are available. Click… Read more »

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