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Masonry Cutting

Masonry Floor Saws

Smiths Hires Masonry Floor Saws come in two sizes, a 457mm (18") and a 356mm (14"). They are perfect for simple and quick cutting or edging of masonry jobs, such as cutting pipe work holes, roads and flooring.With a Central Lifting Point, you'll never have to worry about relocating or moving the Floor Saw, this also means the rear wheels will touch the floor before the blade - allowing precision placement.

Masonry Floor Saws

Petrol Saw Bench – 500mm (18″)

The Petrol Saw Bench from Smiths Hire is a robust table saw, used for accurate cutting of all masonry products. The advanced features increase productivity and improve safety. Petrol Saw Bench Features: Accurate cutting of all materials up to 195mm deep. Fitted with wheels for maneuverability. Adjustable table with back stop and angle guide. Wrap… Read more »

Petrol Saw Bench

Electric Saw Bench – 356mm (14″)

The powerful Electric Saw Bench from Smiths Hire is used to cut bricks, blocks, large tiles and slabs. The side-mounted cutting arm and blade gives “straight through” cutting capacity for long materials. This robust bench is built to be portable for ease of use and transportation. Electric Saw Bench Features: Used for cutting bricks, blocks,… Read more »

Electric Saw Bench
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