Masonry Floor Saws

Husqvarna K4000 Cut-n-Break (Electric)

The Husqvarna K4000 Cut-n-Break (Electric) Power Cutter is the ideal choice when you need to cut deep but want a machine with low tool and maintenance costs. The Husqvarna K4000 Cut-n-Break enables you to cut as deep as 400 mm from one side. Suitable for flush cutting close to walls and floors as well as… Read more »

Petrol Floor Saw

Smiths Hire Road & Floor Saws offer a quick, simple way of cutting or edging masonry. With a central lifting point allowing for precision placement, the rear wheels touching the floor before the blade so you can position the floor saw and with the wide wheel base allows more stability and control. Smith Hires road… Read more »

Electric Floor Saw

The Electric Floor Saw (3 Phase – 450mm / 17.7″) by SPE offers a quick, simple way of cutting or edging masonry. Simple to operate and highly durable – the CS 450 range of SPE floorsaws are ideal for demanding heavy duty applications. Product Features: 450mm (17.7″) blade diameter capacity Road trenching, cutting of concrete,… Read more »

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