Post Hole Borer Hire

Manual Post Hole Borers (various sizes)

Use a manual post hole borer from Smiths Hire and save time and effort when digging post holes in soft ground. Available in 3 sizes: 102mm (4″), 152mm (6″) and 229mm (9″). Ideal for small domestic jobs. Use on soft ground only. Available in 3 sizes: 102mm (4″), 152mm (6″) and 229mm (9″).

102mm (4") Manual Post Hole Borer

1-Man Petrol Post Borer

Comfortable one-man earth auger with vibration-reducing handles. Includes innovative QuickStop drill brake, which brings to a halt as soon as the drill jams in the ground. Particularly suitable for a large variety of purposes, from drilling simple holes in the ground to taking soil samples. Extensive choice in drilling tools for holes up to 200… Read more »

Petrol Post Borer

2-Man Petrol Post Borer

The STIHL BT 360 has been designed with a powerful 30.3cc 2 mix engine. This engine delivers 2.9kW of power to a range of auger attachments. Is is the ideal partner for hard landscaping, farm work and construction projects. Its relatively slow 50rpm spindle speed powers the auger steadily and comfortably into even tough soil…. Read more »

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