Other Gardening Equipment

Propane Blowtorches

These burners are used for burning off weeds and for preparing the surface prior to tarmac/bitumen laying. To be used in conjunction with propane gas, click here to view our range of Propane gas cylinders.

Small Propane Blowtorch 1 Head

24″ Garden Shears

Ideal for cutting and shaping hedges and shrubs and feature a geared mechanism which provides a mechanical advantage to the user by amplifying the force applied by the blades.

Bow Saw

Saw with a narrow blade stretched like a bowstring on a light frame.

Floor Sweeper (Manual)

Karcher’s KM 70/20 C offers a fast and convenient alternative to broom sweeping. This machine features a 20 litre waste container, adjustable roller brush and a side brush for edges, making the Karcher lightweight and easy to use.

Water Filled Garden Roller

The Water Filled Garden Roller is suitable for use upon laying a new lawn. In addition, it can be used to compact the topsoil and push down your freshly planted grass seeds. Once your lawn is flourishing, a Water Filled Garden Roller can be used occasionally to eliminate problems such as molehills and frost heaving.

Water-filled Garden Roller

Garden Spreaders

Garden Spreaders are easy to use, with a variable rate wheeled spreader for the easy application of granular lawn treatments and grass seed. The pneumatic tyres on the Garden Spreaders make them ideal for use on rugged terrain and the adjustable feed control make this ideal for spreading fertiliser, seed, ice melt. Product Features: Main… Read more »

Garden Spreader

Backpack Sprayer

This Backpack Sprayer by STIHL gives you a professional machine for home and industry use. When working with compounds such as pesticides and herbicides, accuracy and control are top priorities. The Backpack Sprayer offers increased user comfort through a mounted pump lever as well length adjustment, high quality straps and moulded back panel for greater… Read more »

STIHL Backpack Sprayer

Heavy Duty Electric Power Washer

A powerful and compact Heavy Duty Electric Power Washer with integrated high-pressure, steel braided hose. Ideal for patios, driveways and general cleaning at home. Can also be used to clean surfaces, motor vehicles, machines, tanks, facades or stables, and to remove rust without dust or sparks.

Powered Weed Brush

This Powered Weed Brush is a compact and convenient walk behind hard surface cleaner for the cleaning of weeds, moss and debris without the use of chemicals or water. It has a hydraulic mechanism capable of clockwise and anticlockwise brush head rotation and with its angled bristles the Powered Weed Brush allows you to access… Read more »

Powered Weed Brush
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