Lawn Care Equipment

Brushcutter / Grass Trimmer

Our Brushcutters; which can also be known as Grass Trimmers; allow you to tackle grass that is too long for a lawn mower. They can also help to remove unruly weeds and undergrowth too. Whether you're looking for something lightweight and easily portable or something more heavy-duty we have the tool for you.

Brushcutter / Grass Trimmer

Lawn Scarifier Hire

Our Lawn Scarifiers will help you remove dead grass, weeds and moss quickly and efficiently. Helping you to make a tough job easy! Our Lawn Scarifiers and Aerators promote healthy lawns without moss or felting. They can help provide optimal oxygenation, passage of water and nutritive elements to your soil. Available for hire in both petrol or electric models.

Lawn Scarifier Hire

Heavy Duty Flail Mower

The Heavy Duty Flail Mower; AS 701 SM, offers a flail mulcher suitable for use on slopes difficult terrain. It performs in high grass & dense growth on slopes without the risk of engine damage. With a high work rate perfect handling the flail mulcher delivers uniform mulching results in grass up to 100cm high… Read more »

Flail Mower Hire

Astro Turf Power Brush

This Astro Turf Power Brush ( 2 STIHL products – Power Bristle Brush and MM 56 Multi Engine); a dedicated Astro Turf Power Brush used on freshly laid artificial lawns as well as to freshen up and clean older astro turf lawns giving the lawn that freshly laid look and is an effective way of sweeping astro turf as well as paths, patios and driveways.

STIHL MM56 w/ bristle brush

Petrol Lawn Aerator

Our Petrol Lawn Aerator provides aeration which encourages roots to grow deeper by increasing the oxygen supply to the root zone for healthy green grass. This is a self-propelled, walk behind aerator. The Spiker Tine is used for surface aeration, solid or hollow tines available. Aerating your lawn improves drainage. The compact size allows for… Read more »

Petrol Lawn Aerator

Petrol Rotary Lawnmower

Our Petrol Rotary Lawnmower makes grass cutting easier and more enjoyable than ever before and has been developed to effortlessly mow medium-sized lawns up to 1200m². The single-speed drive allows you to mow the lawn without having to push, great for steep and larger lawns.

Petrol Rotary Mowers

Rough Cut Mower (550mm Heavy Duty)

If you’re looking for lawnmower hire, you can rest assured that the Rough Cut Mower can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our Rough Cut Mower by Benassi makes short work of long grass, brambles, weeds and puts the finishing touch on your beautiful landscape areas. That makes it without question one… Read more »

Rough cut mowers

Petrol Turf Cutter

Our Petrol Turf Cutter offers a professional and quick way to remove and cut turf when preparing a lawn or grassed area. The Camon TC07 model has a powerful petrol engine and is the perfect tool to assist you when landscaping an already turfed area, and is the perfect tool for removing turf prior to… Read more »

Petrol Turf Cutter
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