Power Floats & Accessories

Power Floats (24″ – 48″)

Power Floats are ideal for jobs that require a lightweight, highly manoeuvrable, professional finishing tool. Power Floats Feature: Very quick, high specification finish to concrete. Petrol driven. Controllable speed and tilt of float blades to suit the state of the concrete. Professional results even when confined areas or weight restrictions leave other machines standing idle…. Read more »

Power Floats

Pan for Power Float (24″ – 48″)

A Power Float Pan is used with a Powered Float when finishing concrete to achieve a smoother, flatter floor. Power Float Pan Features: Flatter floors. Easier transition from wet to dry areas when floating. Superior ability to break open the concrete surface. Available in Three size options: 610mm (24″) 914mm (36″) 1200mm (48″) Click to… Read more »

Power Float Pan

Concrete Easy Float

An Easy Float is used to smooth and improve concrete surfaces. With a handle for ease of use and a swivel head, the blade can move freely across the surface. This clever hand tool makes it easy to finish hard-to-reach areas of concrete such as those on large slabs and drives. Concrete Easy Float Features:… Read more »

Easy Float

Brush Fitting for Easy Float

Floats are used to smooth and improve the surface of the concrete. The Floats swivel head allows the blade to be pushed and pulled across the surface. Floats improve final surface durability and finish They come in both lightweight flat blade and brushed finish

Brush Fitting for Easy Float
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