4 Stroke Trench Rammers Hire

4 Stroke Trench Rammer

A 4 stroke trench rammer is the ideal choice for compacting sand, gravel and hardcore. Suited to sites that are inaccessible to other larger and more complex compacting equipment. 4 Stroke Trench Rammer are the perfect tool for professionals. Available with a choice of foot size from 100mm to 300mm. Product Features: Engine with ample… Read more »

Rammer 2 Stroke

80mm 4 Stroke Rammer

The Ammann ATR 30 – 80mm 4 Stroke Rammer is one of the lightest Rammers on the market. It can be handled very easy with a weight of just 29kg, especially in trenches and job sites where a small, lightweight rammer foot is ideal. Product Features: Easy handling Standard 130 mm foot Alternative with 80… Read more »

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