Trench Rammer 4 Stroke

A 4 stroke rammer from Smiths Hire is the ideal choice for compacting sand, gravel and hardcore on sites that are inaccessible to other larger and more complex compacting equipment. Rammers from Smiths Hire are the perfect tool for professionals. Available with a choice of foot size from 100mm to 300mm.

  • Engine with ample reserve: Under normal operating conditions the robust WM 100 engine functions well below its maximum capacity, protecting the engine and thus increasing its service life.
  • Low oil protection: The WM 100 has a LED indicator that lights up if the rammer is started with insufficient oil levels, and the engine shuts down automatically after 10 seconds to prevent engine damage. The Honda GX 100 oil status detector prevents the engine from starting with low oil level.
  • A unique four-stage air filtration system provides a virtually dust-free engine for longer life and improved durability. The system includes a last chance filter that protects the engine during air filter maintenance.
  • Simple operation of two and four strokers: The integrated fuel valve in the throttle means that there is only one lever for acceleration and shut-off.
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    Rammer 4 Stroke
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Trench Rammer 4 Stroke in action