Barrier Hire

Police Crowd Control Barrier

The 1.5m Police Crowd Control Barrier is specifically designed to control crowds. Ideal for public gatherings such as film premiers, music festivals and carnivals.

1.5m Police Crowd Control Barrier

Mini Expanding Barriers (various sizes)

Smiths Hire have various types of fences and barriers to help keep people safe and away from potentially hazardous or restricted areas. Available in 2 sizes – Expandable up to 2.25m Expandable up to 3.1m

Road Barrier System

For use on low speed highways that have a restricted vehicle speed of 30mph. Individual base units are 1.5m long x 0.5m wide x 0.42m high and weigh 60/48kg. Anti-Climb Fencing. Anti-Vandalism Design. High Visibility with red and white design Simple assembly. Pedestrian gate and post available

Road Barrier System

Manual Arm Barrier

The Manual Arm Barrier allows you to control traffic flow on car parking areas and restrict over height vehicles from entering or leaving your property.

Manual Arm Barrier

Sound Reducing Barrier

The Sound Reducing Barrier from Echo is a high quality and effective acoustic barriers, acoustic fencing, noise walls and noise barriers mean excessive noise no longer needs to be a problem.

Concrete Security Barrier

Whether you’re using them for temporary road blocks or for security, Smiths Hire have concrete security barriers to suit your need.

Concrete Security Barrier

EVO Water Filled Barrier

They are designed to create a solid wall leaving no gaps between each barrier when linked together. 3 x 1 Metre EVO Barriers (water filled to fill line) with mini mesh panels withstood wind speed of up to 55mph.

Water Filled Barrier

Strong Wall Barrier

This Strong Wall Barrier; a robust plastic barrier system comes with heavily weighted base (20kg) units that prevent tipping. Ideal for providing pedestrians with a safe route through or around construction areas.

Crowd Barriers (various options)

Crowd Barriers are perfect for use at events where a relatively large number of people are expected. They can help ensure that people don’t go into areas where they could come to harm as well as being able to direct them for things such as queues.

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