EVO Water Filled Barrier

As well as EVO Water Filled Barrier – 1.0m; Smiths Hire have various types of fences and barriers to help keep people safe and away from potentially hazardous or restricted areas.

Barriers can be water filled or for a more permanent requirement sand filled and can be assembled with ease. They are designed to create a solid wall leaving no gaps between each barrier when linked together. 3 x 1 Metre EVO Barriers (water filled to fill line) with mini mesh panels withstood wind speed of up to 55mph.  No barrier failed at the given speed.

  • Designed to create a solid wall
  • Fill with water or sand to weigh down and make more secure
  • Can withstand wind speeds of up to 55mph
  • Available in red and white
Water Filled Barrier

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Week hire rate

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EVO Water Filled Barrier in action