Smith Light Battery Operated Site Light (Long-Last)

The Smiths Light is a portable LED and rechargeable site light with a single-sided light head. It’s Robust and solid in terms of construction, and is manufactured from ABS and polycarbonate. Designed to allow you to work safely and efficiently in low light conditions.

  • It is possible to work close to the light head as it emits little or no heat.
  • Height is adjustable and it can be angled downwards by up to 60 degrees.
  • The has an integral battery charger, low battery alarm and a main on/off switch to increase battery life.
  • The base of the light is fitted with shock absorbing rubber and is designed to accept many specialised mounting brackets.
  • A rubber seal on the lid fastens and protects the light.
Smith Light
  • Full Specification

  • Product Code
  • Product Name
    Smith Light Battery Operated Site Light (Long-Last)
  • Weight
  • Height
    600 - 1100mm
  • Depth
  • Width
  • Battery Voltage
  • Voltage
    240v (Charger)
  • Light Output Lumens
    1030 Lumens
  • IP Ratings
  • Suppliers Part Number

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