Static Diesel Bunded Bowsers

Storing diesel is a dangerous business. Bunded fuel bowsers are the only option when it comes to safety.

Being “bunded” means that there are two tanks – a bowser within a bowser. This means that if the inner tank cracks, any leaking diesel will fill the empty space between the two tanks. This minimises the risk of environmental issues and accident ignition. So with a bunded bowser from Smiths, not only can you potentially save money on diesel leakage, but you can also help protect the environment and your workforce.

  • With safety around fuel being paramount these bowsers come with steel hinges.
  • Lockable access doors and have fork sockets for easy maneuverability on site.
  • Environmentally and economically friendly – Bunded design means no oil spills.
  • Available in 4 different capacities: 1000L, 1500L, 2000L & 2500L.

Static fuel bowsers are ideal when:

  • A constant supply of fuel is required to a generator.
  • Where the creation of a fuelling station is necessary.

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1000L Diesel Bunded Bowser Road Towable