REMS 110v Drain Pressure Test Pump

Smiths electric pressure testing pump systems are ideal for plumbing, heating, sprinkler systems, compressed air, steam, cooling systems and oil installations.

  • These pressure testing pumps are also ideal for charging solar heating systems due to their robust.
  • Compact and lightweight (13kg) construction.
  • Full Specification

  • Product Code
  • Name
    110V Drain Pressure Test Pump
  • Testing and pressure range
    p ≤ 6 MPa/60 bar/870 psi
  • Pumping capacity
    6.5 l/min
  • pH-value of liquids
  • Temperature of liquids
    ≤ 60°C
  • Viscosity of liquids
    ≤ 1.5 mPa s

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REMS 110v Drain Pressure Test Pump in action