Hydraulic Post Driver Attachment

This Hydraulic Post Driver is a very easy and efficient way of driving posts into the ground. Forget the hard manual labour of using sledge hammers! It works to a rear position for extra reach or alternatively will hydraulically slew through up to 180 degrees to enable the operator to work up a fence line. For example in awkward corners, irregular boundaries and around obstacles, keeping the machine ‘operator friendly’ and downtime to an absolute minimum.

The Rock Spike makes light of hard work. It gives a pilot hole where difficult terrain could prevent posts being driven. Whether the terrain is stone, flint, shale or just simply hot and dry, the job will always get done.

Product Features:

  • Made to the highest standards – build quality is second to none
  • Up to 180 degrees slew
  • Drive posts where they need to be driven – no awkward corners impossible
  • The tractors position is less integral giving you more speed and manoeuvrability
  • Choice and flexibility of options allowing you to bolt on extras over time
  • Bespoke Post Plates available for any specific post application
  • Weight options – 100kg/150kg/200kg/300kg/400kg
  • Net Unroller
  • Tow Bar
  • The Rock Spike makes light of hard work
  • Electric control

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