Heavy Duty Electric Lawn Scarifiers – 240V

Our Heavy Duty Electric Lawn Scarifier by Eliet are ideal for large lawned areas playing fields where there is a need to remove dead grass, weeds moss quickly efficiently.

The Electric E401 Eco Liner is both environmentally friendly powerful. Ideal for medium-sized gardens.

Featuring Permanently Sharp BladesTM (min. 100hrs usage) so they never lose their gripping force. They may suffer some wear, but they will remain sharp throughout their life.

Using a Heavy Duty Electric Lawn Scarifier will promote healthy lawns without moss felting. It helps provide optimal oxygenation, passage of water nutritive elements to soil.

They also have an adjustable cutting height.

Product Features:

    • Main Use: Designed to remove weeds, moss other matter from small to medium lawns
    • Suitable For: Domestic Professional Gardeners / Groundsmen
    • Not Suitable For: Operating the product while people, especially children or pets are nearby
    • Top Tips: Always observe the safety sheet before use always wear ear protection safety glasses at all times while operating the product

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Available in a Lightweight or Heavy Duty models

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Heavy Duty Electric Lawn Scarifier
  • Full Specification

  • Product Code
  • Power
    Electric (240V)
  • Engine
    3hp 2100 watt
  • Working Width
    400mm (16")
  • Fixed Blades (number / thickness)
    14 / 3mm
  • Loose Blades (number / thickness)
    26 / 2.5mm
  • Collecting Box Capacity
  • Handlebar
  • Vibration Level (Handlebar)
  • Depth Adjuster
    Front: Continuously Rear: 2 position
  • Chassis
    Steel 2 & 3mm
  • Dimensions
    960mm (L) x 550mm (W) x 940mm (H)
  • Weight

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Heavy Duty Electric Lawn Scarifiers – 240V in action