Heavy Duty Green Waste Shredder

Our Green Waste Shredder by Eliet is a highly valued tool. Used by both the demanding private garden lover and the professional landscaper. The Eliet Major 4S chipper is compact and light; which allows it to go through the smallest of rear gates. In addition the wide feed-in opening offers great comfort when introducing thick branches with lots of twigs attached measuring up to 55mm.

All of our wood chippers for hire have razor-sharp blades to aid efficiency. Eliet shredders are unique for their patented Chopping Principle™. Just like an axe, the blades of the Green Waste Shredders chop the wood according to the direction of the fibres. The blades system makes thousands of chopping motions per minute and also cuts all leafy and wet green waste without any problems. This makes the Eliet Major 4S shredders suitable for almost any kind of applications.

Product Features:

    • Main Use: Chipping branches, prunings, leaves and all kinds of organic debris
    • Suitable For: Domestic or professional use
    • Not Suitable For: Branches that exceed the recommended branch diameter of 55mm
    • Top Tips: Always observe the safety sheet before use and ensure that you tie back long hair before using the machine. Avoid wearing clothing with loose drawstrings, scarves, neck ties etc that could be sucked into the machine

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  • Petrol supplied on a Sale or Return basis


  • Full Specification

  • Product Code
  • Dimensions (L x W x H)
    1550 x 620 x 1270mm
  • Weight
  • Engine
    9 HP Honda GX270, 9 HP Subaru EX27, 10 HP B&S Vanguard
  • Capacity
  • Shredding Technology
    Chopping Principle 4S
  • Chopping Speed (cuts/min)
  • Blades
    20 HS Steel (reversible)
  • Transmission
    V-belt Gates Guard Power XPA 1600
  • Infeed Opening
    245 x 250mm
  • Infeed Height
  • Swivelling discharge chute
    90° - 180° - 270°
  • Output Height
  • Sound Level Lw (A)
    112 dB(A)

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Heavy Duty Green Waste Shredder in action