Dustcontrol DC Tromb 400

The CD Tromb 400 is designed to meet modern safety requirements and work in conjunction with tools that have become ever more efficient and that therefore produce more dust than they have previously. The maximum air flow is as hugh as 400m3/h / 247 cfm which is more than enough capacity for equipment such as floor grinders with a working width of 500mm / 19″ large eletric cutoff saws. It is easy to transport around construction sites, move in stairwells and lift into tight spaces. The wheels are puncture-proof and won’t leave marks on the floor. The front wheels are lockable to enable working on uneven ground.

he DC Tromb can be supplied with three different collection variants: container, sack or longopac.

  • Full Specification

  • Height x Width x Length (cm / inch)
    139 x 56 x 70 (cm) / 54" x 22" x 27" (inch)
  • Inlet (mm / inch)
    76mm / 3"
  • Flow at open inlet 115/230V
    330/393 m3/h / 188cfm
  • Max Flow 115/230V
    360/420 m3/h / 212cfm
  • Negative Pressure, max 115/230V
    21/25 kPa / 83/100 inwg
  • Power Consumption 115/230V
    2100/2680/3000 W
  • Sound Level
    70 dB(A)

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