How to Prepare Your Garden for Winter This Autumn

The cold and bleak days of winter are once again just around the corner. This is why preparing ahead for what the coming months have in store is always a great idea. Addressing the needs involving your garden is an issue not to be taken lightly, as planning ahead can save you a great deal of time and consternation. One of the best ways to ensure that you are ready for whatever old man winter may unleash is to utilise the quality rental equipment offered at Smiths Hire.

Our team has been providing reliable services to the general public for more than four decades and this reputation continues to attract new customers. Not only is our inventory maintained to the highest of standards, but other unique amenities such as next-day deliveries and a host of cutting-edge garden maintenance products are literally only a phone call away. So, how can our team help your garden winter preparation tasks? Let us take a look at a few rental recommendations as well as a handful of professional tips.

Leaf Blowers

We are all aware that cleaning up large piles of leaves can be a real chore. This is even more relevant if you do not have the time to perform such decidedly difficult manual tasks. The good news is that Smiths Hire offers a petrol-powered leaf blower to tackle even the most challenging of projects. A simple ignition system, a large internal fuel tank and extra-wide shoulder straps will provide you with comfort alongside a superior sense of functionality. If you no longer wish to spend hours raking up stubborn leaves, this unit is the perfect solution.

Wood Chippers

The autumn can be known for high winds and heavy rains. This is why dealing with branches and other wooden debris will often be necessary before the frigid cold fully sets in. Our line of wood chippers can be easily towed by a vehicle; providing quick transportation and easy access to your garden. Touch-button feed controls, an easy-access anvil and a completely waterproof design guarantee that these chippers can easily chew through any loose branches or debris. Thanks to the quality assurance team at Smiths Hire, you can likewise be assured that safety is never an issue.

Electric Log Splitters

Able to make quick work out of logs up to 520 millimetres in diameter, our electric log splitters are capable of providing you with a welcome fuel source for your wood-burning stove. Or, they can simply be used to address a tree that may have recently fallen in your garden. Built to last and engineered to the highest of standards, splitting even the toughest of woods such as oak has never been more convenient. After all, why endure the physical pains and strains associated with an axe when you can rent a professional log splitting machine in a matter of minutes?

Additional Care and Maintenance Tips

While the equipment provided by Smiths Hire will always come in useful, there are a handful of other expert tips if you wish to learn more about how to prepare your garden for winter conditions. For example, it is always wise to tidy up the borders of your property before inclement weather arrives. Leaves and debris that become wet can be challenging to remove. Let us also not fail to mention that performing such a task in advance will help you take advantage of longer daylight hours before the clocks change.

Clean out any compost bins that might have become full over the past few months. This will save you additional time in the event that they need to be used during the winter. You may also be able to contact the local authorities, as some areas will pay for this compost.

Make any timely repairs that may be required. Examine your property for broken fences, faulty gutters and downspouts, drainage issues, dead tree limbs, and similar issues. Once again, addressing these concerns during the autumn is the best way to save time once the days become dark and dreary.

Equipment Hire Made Simple

Smiths Hire aims to take the guesswork out of equipment rentals intended to address your autumn gardening tasks. Not only do we supply a wide range of the most trusted brand names in the industry, but a representative is always standing by in the event that you have a question or concern. Furthermore, customers can use our handy online order form in order to obtain a quotation or to immediately hire one of the units mentioned above. You can also feel free to call us directly and to speak with a customer service representative. Knowing how to prepare your garden for winter conditions is important and as always, the team at Smiths Hire is more than happy to help.