Routers & Planers

Electric Planers (3″)

Using an electric planer is the perfect way to shape or flatten a wooden surface, when using a manual plane just won’t cut it. An electric planer takes all the laboriousness out of the job, reducing the need for rest. Available in 2 voltages – 110v / 240v.

110V 76mm (3") Planer

Worktop Jig

Worktop jigs are essentially templates that can allow you to make accurate cuts in wooden surfaces. They can be used for routing and cutting in kitchens, bathrooms and for on worktops. Corners in kitchen work surfaces require a certain kind of routed insert on the underside where a bolt is used to tightly fasten them… Read more »

Worktop Jig

Plunge Router

If you are cutting joints, grooves or creating mouldings then these powerful 110v plunge routers will produce quick, clean and accurate results.

110V Plunge Router

Laminate Trimmer

Working with laminate materials can be an exact science where precision matters. If you find yourself with a piece of laminate that is too large, then instead of trying to trim it using a saw and having to follow a drawn line, why not use a laminate trimmer from Smiths? A laminate trimmer can help… Read more »

110V Laminate Trimmer
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