Laser Level Hire

Laser Level Total Station

The Leica TCR805 Laser Level Total Station is powerful, efficient, reliable and intuitive. Whether you want to survey land or objects on a construction site, determine measured points on facades or in rooms, or gather the coordinates of a bridge or a tunnel – this Total Station provides the right solution for every application by… Read more »

Multi Directional Visible Laser Level

The Dewalt DCE089G Multi Directional Visible Laser Level projects 3 x bright 360° horizontal and vertical lines (independently or as a cross). It projects the laser lines up to 50m, making it ideal for working in large internal spaces, while maintaining full brightness for visibility and extended working range. It has a durable design with… Read more »

Dewalt DCE089D1G

Dumpy Level c/w Tripod

These Dumpy Level c/w Tripod provide quick setup, easy sighting, and durability against vibration, shock and mild adverse weather conditions. Their automatic compensators and bright, clear optics will speed up the process of measuring levels. Supplied as a kit with tripod and staff.

Rotating Laser Level c/w Charger / Receiver

The Leica Rugby 610 Rotating Laser Level (with Charger / Receiver) offers levelling at the press of a button – reliable and simple. Press the button and the laser does the rest. The laser silently levels before rotating to give a clear red beam that can be detected at up to 300 metres (depending on… Read more »


Pipe Laser

Tough and robust, the Leica Piper 100 Pipe Laser housing is made from cast aluminium and is completely water proof. It features a large LED display which shows the grade & level indication and battery status. It is ideal for sanitary and storm sewer construction, gravity flow pipes and any place where a single line… Read more »

Pipe Laser
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