Site Safety

Inertia Reels

Self-retracting lifelines or “inertia reels” are designed for fall prevention. Featuring a quick-activating braking system to ensure the fall is limited to only a few centimetres and fall arrest forces are reduced.

These fall arrest blocks are designed to allow the wearer to move freely but to be protected at all times. We offer a range of inertia reels from lightweight blocks, heavy-duty and rescue models.

Inertia Reels

Armorgard SpoolKart

The Armorgard SpoolKart is a unique solution to the electrical industry providing a sturdy, yet mobile cart for safe and efficient dispensing of multiple cable spools via an anti-tangle bar. With three easy loading bars, three anti-tangle dispensers and a lockable built-in storage box, the SpoolKart can take on a load that no other can…. Read more »

Armorgard SpoolKart

Armorgard CuttingCube

The CuttingCube: a purpose-built, portable unit, which contains dust and slurry, and reduces the noise pollution created when cutting masonry on site. Prioritising the safety and efficiency of both workers and projects, the CuttingCube has quickly established itself as best practice.  Featuring an easy-empty sump to contain the slurry, as well as durable, washable acoustic… Read more »

armorgard cuttingcube

Armorgard CuttingStation Xtract (Extraction system)

The ever-popular Armorgard CuttingStation Xtract is a neat, mobile workstation that eliminates the need for a separate cutting room and is essential for safely cutting lengths, such as conduit, timber, cable tray and pipe. Improvements to the CuttingStation include new lighting, chamfered corners to further reduce noise and a new expandable working area to accommodate mitre… Read more »

Armorgard CuttingStation Xtract

Defibrillator Hire

Ideal for on site safety or for large events, the Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 Semi-Automatic Defibrillator offer a complete AED (Automated External Defibrillator) solution. Gives you the confidence to act in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Featuring fast shock times and user friendly instructions.

Defibrillator Hire

Davit Arm

The Davit Arm is a component based davit assembly which can be mated with several styles of bases. The mast consists of an aluminum offset tube, fabricated elbow section, and aluminum center post with winch mounting bracket. Elbow units are reversible and provide cost effective, versatile means of achieving multiple offset reaches. All davits are… Read more »

Residual Current Detector (RCD)

240V Residual Current Detector (RCD) A life-saving device which is designed to prevent you from getting a fatal electric shock if you touch something live. It can also provide protection against electrical fires.

Fall Arrest Air Bag

Light, easily inflatable fall protection air cushions. Makes installation quick and easy as well as being just as easy to move on from building to building. Softens the blow The inflatable air cushion fall arrest protection system brings a new system of convenience for protecting your workforce on site. Light, easily inflatable airbags not only… Read more »

Electric Air Bag Inflator

110v Air Bag Inflator This versatile Air Bag Inflator designed to inflate airbags quickly and efficiently. It can also be used to do the opposite by deflating air bags at the end of the job.

Confined Space Kit

Working in a confined space requires safety equipment in the same way as if you were working at height. We can offer complete confined space hire kits that offer everything you need to keep you safe. Confined Space Kit includes: Tripod Fall Arrest Block Rescue Harness Gas Detector Escape Set

Radio Linked Fire Alarm Trolley

Radio Linked Fire Alarm Trolley c/w Dry Powder & Foam Extinguisher – Designed for fire protection on construction sites and places such as large workshops and garage forecourts.

15 Minute Escape Kit

The 15 Minute Escape Kit is simple to activate and use. The hooded escape kit is designed to be suitable for people with spectacles or facial hair. When opened, the kit is automatically activated. It begins feeding a continuous supply of breathing air on opening the carrying bag. The easy to wear air hood incorporates… Read more »

Mobile Man Anchor

Perfect for fall protection/ restraint when working on flat roofs where there are no suitable anchor points. 12 heavy rubber weights included. 25.5kg each Chassis manufactured from fire zinc galvanised steel Suitable for up to 2 people Click here for more product information

Mobile Man Anchor

1.8m Roof Lanyard

Fall Arrest Roof Lanyard – 1.8 Meters – For Use with Fall Arrest Blocks – Conforms to EN360 89/686/EEC CE standards – [GF-AZ800] The Zinc plated steel wire rope is complete with a shock absorber made from polyamide webbing and is protected in an aluminium tube. The other end of the lanyard is complete with… Read more »

1.8m Roof Lanyard
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